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10 Essential Items To Host The Perfect Party

You’re looking for the essential items to host the perfect party, but you don’t know where to start? You’re stressing in case nobody turns up? What if you miss or forget something and it’s too late to fix because everyone has already arrived? We’ve all been there. Take a deep breath and chill out. You and your guests will have an amazing time if you make sure you have the ultimate 10 essential items for hosting the perfect party, listed below!

1. Music Sound System

Every party needs music, loud music. You can’t just have the music blasting out your phone, nobody will hear it! With guests pouring here, there and everywhere you need to get everyone in the party mood for them and you, to have a good time! That’s why an amazing music sound system is one of the most essential items for hosting the perfect party!

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2. The Ultimate Party Playlist

You can’t have an amazing sound system without the ultimate party playlist. By having a pre-prepared playlist on shuffle you don’t need to worry about having to think of the perfect songs to play, on the spot. It might be a good idea to take song requests from guests so as you’re keeping everyone happy! Just download Spotify and you’re good to go!

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3. Disco Lights

Get that ultimate party vibe with disco lights. Tunes blasting loud, lights off, disco lights on, guests dancing, you’ll feel like you’re in your own little personal club with all of your friends!

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4. Drinks

There can’t be a party without any drinks! Alcohol, of course, lots of alcohol is needed, but don’t forget the mixers! That way, if anyone is driving, they can venture beyond the exciting glass of water to a Diet Coke or Orange Fanta! Pop down to your local off licence or supermarket to get those drinks in!

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5. Plastic Cups & Straws

If you’re providing the drinks, you can’t forget the plastic cups and straws. We always recommend using plastic cups as this prevents any breakages and let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend the next day being hungover and washing up hundreds of glasses do they? Oh and straws, well it keeps that lipstick on for longer doesn’t it!

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6. Snacks & Finger Food

Snacks and finger food are 100% essential items to add to your party hosting list. If alcohol is involved, food HAS to be involved. We don’t want to be scrubbing vomit out of the carpet or off the walls! Snacks and finger food are not only good for lining the stomach whilst drinking but are also easy to eat and make no mess! Check out Tesco’s party food range for quick and easy finger food!

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7. Games

Every party needs games! Beer pong, spin the bottle, ring of fire, never have I ever, just take your pick! It’s the perfect opportunity for your guests to make new friends and get in the party mood! As soon as those games kick off and the drinks get flowing, all your worries will be pushed to one side and you will start to enjoy the fun!

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8. Polaroid / Disposable Camera

Get those Polaroids and disposable cameras floating around for everyone to use! Getting the photos developed will leave you with pictures of the party from all perspectives! You’ll be surprised at what you missed throughout the night! These essential items will leave you with a photo album full of memories for you and your friends to look back on and laugh!

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9. Photo Booth & Props

Essential items for that Instagram worthy photo! Get that cardboard photo frame, put on the oversized glasses, the multi-coloured wigs, the feather boas and the funny face masks and pose for the camera! We guarantee this will go down a hit for you and your guests!

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10. Glow Sticks

THE perfect party items to go with those disco lights. Get those lights off with the disco lights spinning, the drinks flowing, the guests dancing and the glow sticks waving! Make glasses, necklaces and bracelets and watch the room become a complete neon illusion right before your eyes!

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Got any essential items you think qualify for hosting the perfect party? Let us know in the comments below!

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