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10 Essential Items For The Perfect Pamper Night In

10 Essential Items For The Perfect Pamper Night In

A pamper night in with your girls is the best way to relax and make yourself feel better! Here are the perfect pamper night in essentials every girl needs!

If there is one thing we all need after a long, hard, and stressful week at work, it’s to sit down and relax with our girl friends! What better way to have a catch up, chill in your comfies, and relax and make yourself feel better than having a big girly pamper night in? You need it every once in a while! So, here is a list of our top 10 essential items for the perfect pamper night in with your friends!

1. Pyjamas & Fluffy Socks

I’m sorry but there is nothing better than kicking off those work shoes and getting your battered feet into a pair of fluffy socks. Pure heaven. Next? It’s stripping free of the uniform, the tight pencil skirt, the high-waisted trousers, or whatever your boss seems to think is a suitable outfit to wear to work. Oh, and the bra. Being free of the bra for the night. The BEST feeling.

Getting yourself into your favourite set of pyjamas for the evening alone will leave you feeling so much better! So make sure you have your favourite pair of PJ’s washed and ready for when you finish your day at work, to climb straight into when you come home! You and your friends can even get matching pairs for that perfect Instagram pic!


2. Moisturiser

Cleansing and moisturising your skin is the perfect go-to for a girly pamper evening, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and your skin feeling as smooth and soft as silk! It also leaves you smelling amazing too! Put on your favourite scented moisturiser or body butter and feel as good as you smell!

3. Face Masks

What girl doesn’t love a good facial? Lying back, relaxing, spreading the thick, mud-like mask over your face and neck, closing your eyes as you feel your skin tightening and the mask hardening. A pure skin detox, relieving your face of impurities and leaving your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. The perfect pamper evening treat!


Want to add a little bit extra to make you feel as if you’re getting that professional treatment? Cut up some cucumber slices and place them over your eyes!

4. Hair Masks

Not satisfied with facials? Had a rough few days at work where you haven’t been able to give your hair the care it needs? Gone for the messy bun look all week? Why not give your hair a little bit of TLC treatment and try a hair mask! Leaving your hair to restore and give it back the shine and bounce it needs!


5. Blankets & Pillows

The ultimate pamper night in must-have! Blankets and pillows to chill on, get comfy, get cosy and keep yourself all snug. You can never have too many lying around, you need to be comfortable to relax after all!

6. Movies

First things first, you need certain types of movies to add to your pamper evening. It can’t be the action movie or the horror kind. You’re trying to relax, don’t add extra stress by watching brains being blown apart or the paranormal, it’s just a no-go. You want the easy stuff, the feel good movies, the chick flicks, the rom-coms, the comedies! Get yourself on Netflix or Amazon Prime and choose your favourite girly night in movies!


7. Candles

You need to fill the air around you with your favourite scent. It is the ultimate way to relax. Sitting amongst the flamed scents of your favourite Yankee Candle, face mask on, hair mask on, moisturised skin, clean, refreshed, favourite movie, surrounded by your best friends lying on a bunch of blankets and pillows = pure heaven.

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8. Prosecco

Don’t forget to pop open the bubbly!Especially if you’ve had a rough week! You deserve a couple of glasses of prosecco or even wine!

9. Magazines

What better way to catch up with the latest celeb gossip and fashion & beauty trends than mid facial on pamper night with your girls?! And don’t forget to read the horoscope section! Hopefully you’ve got betters days in store for next week!


10. Snacks

It’s the end of the week so why not go all out and treat yourself to all the sugary snacks you want! Order pizza, get the popcorn for the movies, the fruit to go in the prosecco, sweets, chocolate, cake, donuts, who cares?! You’re allowed cheat day once in a while aren’t you?!

What are your favourite pamper night in essentials? Get involved in the comments below!

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