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Essential Apps Every Student Should Have

Most students have a smartphone. They take their phone everywhere they go. From a night out to taking public transport, to even on the toilet! Many argue a smartphone is a piece of technology distracting students from studying. But, what if that’s not the case. A smartphone is a piece of technology extremely helpful for students.

Instead of playing games or scrolling the Internet, there are apps helping students study and learn. Here are some of the essential apps every student should have on their smartphones. You can download these apps in your phone’s app store. Many of these essential apps are also accessible on the Internet!

1. Quizlet

Instead of having paper flashcards and carrying them wherever you go, so old school. Quizlet was invented. There is not only the app but also the website. On Quizlet, you can study through other people’s sets, or create your own. Quizlet has all the information needed for you to ace the next exam. They provide different ways of studying. From flashcards mode, to test mode, or their ‘learning’ mode, with a range of methods, combined in one with the target to ace the next exam. Quizlet makes revising fun, interesting and can happen anywhere!

Price: Quizlet can be used and downloaded for free. There is the option for Quizlet Plus, $1.67 a month or $19.99 per year.

2. Forest

Ever get consumed on your phone? Using social media and can’t get off it? Always reaching for your phone whilst you’re studying? Forest is an app helping you stay focused on whatever you’re doing. The aim of the app is to build a forest. Each tree in your ‘forest’ represents your focused time. A great part of this app is it has partnered with Trees for the Future, a real tree-planting organisation. When a user uses the virtual coins they earn in Forest, the Forest team donates to the organisation. Keep focused whilst helping plant trees! What a great combination!

Price: Forest costs $1.99 to purchase the app.

3. Evernote

The only things students are doing are taking notes. Notes are your most valuable possession whilst studying. If you have no notes, how else are you going to study and ace all your exams? Evernote is a note-taking app keeping everything organised and in one place. You can create notes, make checklists, attach links, attachments, audio recordings and more! The free version allows your notes to be synced across two devices. Evernote Plus offers your notes to be synced over an unlimited number of devices.

Price: Evernote is free to download. Evernote Plus costs $34.99 per year.

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4. Wunderlist

One thing about studying is you must keep up to date and track everything. That is why a to-do list app is essential for students. Wunderlist can sync between all your devices, allowing you to always stay up to date on your progress. Wunderlist gives the ability for users to set due dates, reminders, and notes. If you’re collaborating with someone, you can even share lists with them. There is also the option for the Pro version, giving you more file and collaboration options.

Price: Wunderlist is free to download. Wunderlist Pro costs $4.99 per month, $49.99 per year.

Smartphones can be a great thing, but also a bad thing in your life as a student. These essential apps are perfect for students to help their studying and everyday life. Ace your next exams and student life by downloading these apps.

Do you use these essential apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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