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10 Editing Apps You Need For That Perfect Insta Pic

10 Editing Apps You Need For That Perfect Insta Pic

Ever scroll through Insta and wonder how all the pictures look great? Well, it all lies in the editing apps, so here is a list of 10 editing apps for you!

Ever scroll through Instagram (Insta) and wonder how so many people have their feeds looking perfect? Well, it’s not that big of a secret, it all lies in the editing apps they use! There are a plethora of editing apps available on the app store, it is guaranteed you’ll be spoilt for choice (or maybe just confused). There are so many free apps that edit pictures well and usually have unique features that even celebrities and influencers use! Here is a list of 10 editing apps you need to download right now for that perfect Insta pic!

(P.S Most of the apps mentioned on this list are free but that does exclude a few)

1. Instagram

Sorry not sorry that Instagram is top of this list! That is simply because it is underestimated for its filters and tools like cropping. There are a wide selection of filters to easily add to your photos before posting your perfect Insta pic. Instagram, as an editing app is good for that final polish to your pictures!


2. Snapseed

If you’re a beginner at editing pictures and are looking to learn new tricks and discover cool features, download Snapseed for free! It’s one of the most popular editing apps and I am not surprised by that. It is easy to use and offers a nice yet subtle touch to your pictures! Nobody likes over-exposed and contrasted pictures. They have features to change the shape and size of your pictures, add a vintage filter and frames. Tip: Use the tools to play with brightness, saturation, exposure, ambience etc and be amazed by how vibrant your Insta pic could be.

3. VSCO Cam

Pronounced as Visco, VSCO cam is another must have editing app for that perfect Insta pic! It has the best selection of filters, and I really mean THE BEST. There is a filter that would suit every person on this planet. On top of that, you get to choose the strength of your filters! VSCO cam is a free app however if love it so much, do try out their VSCO X membership at $19.99 for a whole year!


4. HUJI Cam

Have you come across those vintage looking pictures on Instagram and wondered how the hell they did that? Well, I’ve got you, or at least Huji Cam does! Huji, has been featured on many celebrities and influencers’ pictures as it mimics a disposable film camera. The pictures have time stamps which feel so authentic and vintage. A must have editing app!

 5. Gudak Cam

Gudak Cam is another perfect editing app for those who love film cameras and vintage looking pictures!

 6. Unfold

Unfold is the perfect editing app, and although it is used more for Insta stories rather than pictures, it can definitely be used for Insta pics on your feed! They offer a ton of unique borders such as vintage cameras and polaroid films. A must for that perfect Insta pic!!!


7. Afterlight

Afterlight is a free editing app that will allow you to be creative and add dust filters and grainy filters to give your photo that vintage, old feel.

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8. Touch retouch

Don’t you hate it when you have the perfect Insta pic but there’s just someone or something ruining the background? Fret no longer! With this editing app, removing unwanted objects has become the simplest thing at only $1.99. Definitely worth it for that perfect Insta pic.

9. Hyperlapse

This app is for those who love creating videos and time-lapses. Hyperlapse is the perfect editing app for you to create that perfect Insta worthy content.


10. Facetune

We all have days when we don’t look our best but with Facetune, you can edit away any blemishes before posting that perfect insta pic! Best part is that it’s free!

 It is good to try out many editing apps and find the one that you feel most comfortable using!

Do you already use one or more of these apps to achieve your perfect Insta pic? Let me know in the comments!

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