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Editing Apps To Make Your Instagram Posts Attract All The Attention

Editing Apps To Make Your Instagram Posts Attract All The Attention

Editing Apps To Make Your Instagram Posts Attract All The Attention

Instagram has become a must in todays social media fanatical society. What we do, and where we do it, is constantly documented, to show off to the world! However, the quality of the pictures is of high importance. What editing apps you use, could distinguish between recognition and neglect. Insta fame or Insta shame! The top editing apps featured in this article, are currently being used by top Instagramm bloggers such as @absolutelykhaoula , @nadaadellex , @khaoulaboumeshouli , @mariaalia and @alicecatherine. Curious to know what stands between you and becoming an insta guru? Read on to find out more….


The first of the editing apps that promises anyone can become a photographer, presents a series of preset filters which translate into an acquired mood and vibe. The filters are grouped together based on tones with (visual pictorial examples) and can very easily be applied to any picture you see fit. What has been demonstrated, is that the appeal and noticeability on your instagram page is entirely dependant on your overall ‘feed’ presentation. An aesthetically pleasing overview for any incoming traffic, will be guaranteed to keep their intrigue. Methods of achieving this involve using the same preset filter within your whole feed, to guarantee a harmonious colour scheme of underlying photo undertones.¬†Clever idea right?

2. Unfold

An app which recently shot to fame and popularity for its use of old film filters. It will have you reminiscing old manual film cameras from the 90s and incorporating them within your feed will guarantee you that rustic vibe, you have been obsessing over to incorporate within your Instagram. Neutrals feeds go very well with this preset as it incorporates minimal detail that seeks even the unwilling of attention. Watch out for the mood board filters, which allow you to collate minimal collages of all your photos and videos in one post! This is a very good idea for your Instagram stories, as it provides a unique style which can be replicated consistently for your own sense of branding.


3. Lightroom

If you are into technicalities and attention to the smallest of details, then this of all the editing apps is the one for you! Features which are quite helpful include the healing and selective tool, which allow you to remove anything you dislike within a photo and rearrange the proportions….*cough cough* Last nights food baby perhaps? In addition to this, the feature lets you incorporate split toning within your pictures, which is highly idea for bringing your photo to life as you envisioned it! However be warned, were the other editing apps such as VSCO and Unfold may be purchased for each group of presets, this entire app requires a monthly subscription, for consistent usage.

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4. Afterlight 1 & 2

This final suggestion of editing apps incorporates vintage vibes like that of Unfold, however, it enables you to incorporate quirky unique edits to really make you stand out! Suggestions to try from involve the ‘dusty’ vintage feature and the chrome add on. The chrome adds character and artistic flair, in addition to making your images look like pro photography- like you have gone all manual with your camera and changed the shutter-speed settings!


Something to try and remember when adopting your Instagram vision to life is that you have to make your audience believe the dream you are trying to sell them. Your story amongst all the pictures, to which they will follow you along the way of your journey.

Do you know now, what editing apps you need to incorporate within your content creation journey? If thats a yes, please share this post and inspire other people along the way too!

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