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10 Edgy AF Metallic Nail Polish Colours

10 Edgy AF Metallic Nail Polish Colours

Metallic nail polish isn't for everyone, however, these metallic nail polish colours are super edgy and come in colours like silver, gold, rose, pink and more! You'll definitely want metallic nail polish after this list.

You may not paint your nails everyday but it’s nice to pamper yourself every once in a while! Have you ever tried metallic colours? Well, if the answer is no then this list of 10 edgy AF metallic nail polish colours is perfect for you. It’s a great list for some nail inspiration so keep on reading!!

1. UO Metallic Nail Polish, Urban Outfitters.

I love wearing this colour in the summer! Especially when I go to a beach holiday. I like wearing a white coat first and then layering this one at the top to make it more vibrant and blue.


2. UO Metallic Nail Polish, Urban Outfitters.

I wear this colour all year round because it’s a neutral colour. It’s a brown colour with a strong pink undertone. It’s so girly and feminine I wear it all the time!

3. UO Metallic Sparkle Nail Polish

I love this colour in the summer as well! Again layering the white base first and then this! I like to call this ‘mermaid nails’ as the pale sheen of the polish reminds me of mermaids!



This is a super wearable colour all year round. It’s brown with reddish undertones. If you wear special colours on special occasions, then I would say this is a pretty autumnal colour, for after the summer.


5. barry m molten bronze bae metal nail paint

When I’m in a hurry to go on a night out, I usually wear this silver grey metallic colour on my nails. It goes well with any dark outfit and it dries pretty quickly too!

6. barry m molten gold rush nail paint

This is for when you feel like putting on something fun on your nails! It’s not gold but a mixture of orange and yellow. I like creating firey nails with this!


7. Barry M Under The Sea Nail Polish Collection – Butterfly Fish 

MERMAID NAILS! This is similar to the first option but it has a purple sheen into it as well and the blue is slighlty darker. The packaging is pretty too as it reminds me of Ariel! You don’t have to layer this with a white base, as it is quite pigmented on its own.


8. Deborah Lippmann Never, Never Land Gel Lab Pro Color Collection – I Put A Spell On You

This one is the opposite of the above; it’s purple in colour with blue undertones. It’s so long lasting this brand, you won’t regret buying it! The formula is like a gel polish but you don’t need blue light for it.

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9. Zoya Bridal Bliss 2018 Nail Polish Collection – McKenna

The sheen in this metallic nail polish is really subtle. That’s why it’s considered a bridal colour as well. But you can always wear it too! Light pink looks good on anyone as your nails will look healthy.


10. Zoya Thrive 2018 Nail Polish Collection – Leisel

This metallic nail colour is really funky and edgy. Not gonna lie, it’s a crazy colour as it reminds me of those 80’s women going to the disco to party! Bring those 80s vibes back!!!



Which metallic nail polish would you go for? Make sure to tell us in the comments below!

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