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3 Easy Ways To Make a Guy’s Dorm Room Look Great

3 Easy Ways To Make a Guy’s Dorm Room Look Great

Decorating a guys dorm room can be tough, but we have the 3 easiest ways to transform your room into an ultimate haven for any guy!

Sometimes it can be hard for a guy to know how to decorate his dorm room to transform it into the ultimate bachelor pad perfect for hanging out with friends or binging the new season of Fortnite, but it can be done. With just a few pops of colour, a little bit of style and a whole lot of character, here are the 3 ultimate easy ways to make any guys dorm room look great.

1. The Walls

There are so many things that can be done with your dorm room walls. Tapestries can work really well for guys! If there’s any specific designs or colours that you particularly like, they can look great hung next to your bed or desk. Another option is a flag. You can either opt for a flag of your home country if you’re attending uni across the pond or your favourite football team! A football flag can be perfect for adding a pop of colour to your room and making your dorm a little more personal to you, which can also give you some comfort if you’re ever missing home.

If football isn’t your thing, you can hang a flag from any other sport you’re into. Another thing to consider is framed memorabilia. Have a signed football shirt from your favourite player? A signed picture by your favourite musician? Frame it and hang it! This not only looks great but is also a great conversation starter.


2. Lighting

Another really easy way to accessorise any guys dorm room and make it that much more interesting and homely is to add some cool lighting. Rope lights can be really cool for hanging around the perimeter of your room or even around any wall decorations you might have. A desk lamp that suits your taste is also a great piece of room decor that can not only add style but is also super practical and makes for the most stylish multi-purpose dorm room.

If these lighting options don’t really tickle your fancy and you’re more of a party boy, why not add some cool disco lights to your dorm room! These are perfect for creating general ambiance and come in handy if you’re getting your mates round for a few drinks. (Top tip – disco lights that move in accordance to the beat of your music are super trendy right now and will accommodate whatever the vibe is in your dorm, without you having to lift a finger!).

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3. Furniture

Furniture is a great addition to any room and can be so versatile depending on the direction you want to go with it. Anyway, popping a few great pieces into your dorm room will make the world of difference. Adding almost any piece of furniture to a dorm room will really give it that extra kick of character and personal taste. This tip can be interpreted in so many different ways and furniture really does cover a lot of ground.

Some things to consider are actual pieces of furniture, decorative pieces or stylish dorm room must-haves. A rustic leather beanbag; cushions consistent with your colour scheme; a bold poster boasting your favourite TV characters; a nice shaggy rug to add warmth and cosiness or even a multi-purpose speaker that’s half speaker, half ornament, perfect when you have your friends round, the list really does go on! This is one of the easiest ways to make any guys dorm rooms look great, so what are you waiting for?! Let’s get decorating!

If you try out any of our tips to making a guys dorm room look great, let us know in the comments!

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