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5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Coconut Oil Into Your Beauty Routine

5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Coconut Oil Into Your Beauty Routine

Coconut oil is the new miracle cure and solution for everything, so here are 5 easy ways to incorporate it into your beauty routine.

If you haven’t heard about coconut oil by now, then what are you even doing?  It’s the miracle cure for just about everything: bad breath, cooking, makeup removing and moisturisation are just a few of the things it works so well for.  But how exactly are you meant to use it?  Well, here are 5 easy ways to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine.

1. For dry hair

Almost everyone is guilty of treating their hair less than perfectly at one point or another, whether you wash it too much or use too much heat on it, chances are there is some dryness and damaged hairs in there.  It’s also super easy to do: just take some coconut oil in your hands and work it through your hair using a comb.  Then leave it to sit for 15 minutes (and relax while that’s happening!) then wash it out using your regular routine.

Dry hair also tends to come with a lot of dandruff so moisturising with coconut oil on the scalp can help to reduce your dry scalp and encourages hair growth.  If you have lice, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar before moisturising the oil in and leaving for 12-24 hours before washing out.


2. For stained teeth

For whatever reason we may have all stained our teeth at one point or another, but how to clean them effectively?  This technique is called oil pulling and involves swilling the oil around your mouth for around 15-20 minutes.  The oil should pull out any toxins from your teeth and gums.  Make sure not to swallow it though!  It probably wouldn’t taste that great.  A bonus of this hack is also that the antifungal properties in the coconut oil can freshen your breath by clearing up those gums.

3. For dry skin

Either just rub it straight into your skin until absorbed or heat it slightly in the microwave and add a few drops of essential oil to make it smell delicious.  Make sure it cools a little bit before you start applying it to your skin though, you don’t want to risk any burns.  This also works for face, hand and nail cuticle cream, so it’s a very multipurpose hack!

4.  For clogged pores and dirty skin

Life is sweaty and sometimes pretty gross, so how can we solve that?  Well, a body scrub is a good bet.  But seriously, who remembers to buy a body scrub?!?  So I would make my own from coconut oil and coarse sugar.  This also works as a great lip scrub and moisturiser as coconut oil can also double up as a lip balm.

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5. For shaving

Mix coconut oil and shea butter together to shave and moisturise at the same time, because who has time to do both?  Add in some aloe vera gel for it’s healing properties to help reduce razor burn and bumps.

Coconut oil can also be an itch reliever for bites and burns, so if you tend to get itchy legs after you shave, this has an extra benefit.  In addition to this, it also can help with stretch marks.  It won’t prevent them from forming but helps to prevent any painful blistering, which could be a godsend for any expectant mothers out there.


So there are 5 easy ways to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine!  Have you tried any of the tips and hacks that I’ve suggested?  How did it go for you?  Or do you have any more tips and tricks that I haven’t included?  Let us know down below!

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