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10 Easy Vegan Recipes You Can Make At Uni

10 Easy Vegan Recipes You Can Make At Uni

Deciding to go vegan is hard enough, as it can get pretty expensive for your student budget. But don't worry, these easy vegan recipes are here to help!

Deciding to go vegan is hard enough, as it can get pretty expensive for your student budget. But, with a bit of planning it is entirely possible to eat a great deal of vegan food, carrying a great deal of variety and flavour, all within a great price. Check out my top 10 cheap and easy vegan recipes below.

1. Zucchini Spaghetti

A lot of people want to cut down on their carb intake – but doing this whilst being vegan sounds impossible, but it really isn’t. Today, you can find pre-made, fresh courgette noodles in the fridge aisles of your supermarket. To cook you simply need to heat them in a pan for a minute or two and then top with your favourite sauce. It’s literally as simple as that!

2. Chickpea Curry

This is a great recipe if you’re craving a bit of flavour, spice, and generally just something a bit more out of the ordinary. It’s also great for making in a big batch, storing in the fridge for a few days and lasting you a good couple meals. This is an amazingly filling and healthy recipe make with chickpeas that are stirred into a spices and creamy tomatoes sauce. Many of the ingredients will already be in your fridge and cupboards, so this meal is sure to be a fraction of the price of actually going out for Indian food.


3. Pita Pizza

A lot of people think as a vegan, you’ll have to skip on some of your favourite foods, like pizza. Often, whether your ordering a pizza or getting one out of the freezer, they are filled with cheesey toppings and you don’t have the time to make your own from scratch … or do you??? Why not cheat a little bit? Use a pita bread as your base and then choose whatever topping you want. Pop it in the grill and there you go – pretty much as cheap and easy as it gets!

4. Quesadillas

Again, with this recepie you can tailor it to whatever you have left in the fridge. Mix some microwave rice, some left over veg and meat, and pop the mix between two tortillas and put this into the grill. 5 minutes later you’ll have a little piece of Mexico in your dorm room.

5. Cous Cous

Probably one of the easiest recipes on the list; and often you can get a bag for less than a pound! You can buy it already infused with flavours and spices, so that all you have to do is fill with boiling water, wait, and then consume!


6. Vegan Mac And Cheese

This a great recipe if you’re missing your pre-vegan foods. Either get your hands on some nutritional yeast or vegan cheese and use these ingredients to replace the usual dairy products in a typical mug mac’n’cheese recipe!

7. Stir Fry

This is amazingly simple! Head down to your local supermarket – they will have the stir fry pre-cut and prepared, and next to it you’ll find some fresh rice noodles and then just pick a sauce. When you get home, whack it all in a pan for a few minutes and there you go!

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8. Corn Balls

This one takes a little longer …BUT, you can easily make a batch load, freeze them and then quickly cook them up whenever you fancy.  This recipe combines all of my favourites – mash potato, sweetcorn and (vegan) cheese!

9. Butter Nut Squash Noodles

This one’s a great alternative to your typical carb loaded noodles; and using an actual vegetable to replace the pasta gives the dish a great flavour.

10. Soup

Obviously you can follow a recipe, but often the best way to make a great soup is see what you have left in your kitchen. Chop up some veg, add some pasta noodles, a bit of broth and there you go!

There you have it! A great list of cheap and easy vegan recipes, all using simple, affordable whole foods that not only taste great, but will help you to feel great.
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