8 Easy Summer Manicure Ideas

Check out these summer manicure ideas to keep your nails perfectly groomed. Show off your crafted nail arts and make this summer super exciting!

‘Your nail says who you are’. Getting the nails shaped up is as important as getting your body in shape for every woman. Nothing can make your day like a new manicure on a summery day. Here are some 8 easy summer manicure ideas to help your nails look wow.

1. Hot Pink Manicure

Short nails, sharp nails, curvy nails and long nails, however your nails look like, hot pink is a magical bright summer color which best suits all kinds of nails. First trim off your nails, shape it up and grab your hot pink glittery polish for that perfect summer look and apply it on your nails. Apply two coats of nail polish. That’s one of the easiest yet charming summer manicure ideas.

2. Holiday Manicure

With summer days around the corner and the holiday moods on, you might want that perfect holiday manicure done which needs to be Instagrammed. Trim your nails short, choose out your favorite colors and get your funky nail art done on your nails as in glitter on your nails or get your favorite characters styled on your nails. Now you are all set for the holiday with perfectly done holiday manicure which boosts up your holiday spirits.


3. French Manicures

If you are planning to have a perfectly polished look this summer, then French Manicure is one of the easy summer manicure ideas you need to go for. You can do this yourself at home. Choose a pale pink polish or transparent polish to go on your well shaped long nails. French manicures best suits people with long striking nails. With pale pink on your nails and nude color polish on top of your tips, the classy French Manicure is all done and ready to go on your social media posts. 

4. Gradient Manicure

You want your nails to look gradient this summer? Then try out this black and while nail art for a classy and trendy nails. Black and white polish looks great on curvy nails. After a good massage to your fingers, grab on the colors and either try out Black and White French Manicure or acrylic nail designs or matte finish polish. One of the trendy summer manicure ideas you need to try out. 

5. Reverse French Manicure

This is one of the exciting and classic manicure ideas. You can make this a trendy one by applying some bright summer colors like cherry red or hot pink. First, paint on basic layers on top of your nails leaving away the lower part of your nails. Later, apply on nude colors to the bottom of your nails. You get a half-moon shape at the bottom of your nails. That’s one of the coolest summer manicure ideas you will love.

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6. Craquelure Manicure

One of the most unique and easiest manicure options is Craquelure. You just require three cosmetics to create craquelure on your nails. Get a clear lacquer base which needs to be the foundation base. Then choose your color for the lower translucent layer. Finally apply craquelure varnish to get the cracking effect. Try out this impressive manicure idea.

7. Water Marble Manicure

This Manicure is not as complicated as it sounds, it is actually one of the easiest summer manicure ideas! Firstly, choose a few nail polishes of your choice. After applying base foundation to your nails, take those polishes of your choice and add color by color to the water in a glass. Finally dip your nail into the water and wipe off the polish on your skin. Let it dry and then apply a transparent glossy coat for a shiny look.


8. Stripped Manicure

All you need for a stripped manicure is a stripped sellotape or painters tape and nail color of your choice. Stick on the tape to all your nails and paint on the empty spaces with nail color. Then remove the tape and pat your nails dry. Finally, rub on some alcohol or lotion to your nails for a glossy look.

Do try these easy summer manicure ideas and post your nail pictures in the comment box below! Also, share these cool ideas with your friends!

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