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5 Easy Steps To Get Your Natural Curly Hair Back

5 Easy Steps To Get Your Natural Curly Hair Back

These tips will help you bring out the most in your natural curly hair! Following these steps will make sure your locks have a bounce and life to them!

It is always the way that those with natural curly hair wish for straight hair, and vice versa, which is why those with curly hair turn to their trusty straighteners. But the problem with straightening your curls is the damage it causes, leaving it dry and frizzy. There is also a risk of damage when colouring hair, especially if bleach is involved.

Sometimes it can feel as though you will never get your luscious curls back, as you wake up every day with wild frizzy hair, so of course your only option is to straighten and damage your curls even more.

But don’t fret, as you can salvage your natural curly hair with these five easy steps on how to get your natural curly hair back:


Treat your hair.

The first step to dealing with dry and damaged curls is to apply a hair treatment to it. Most hair treatments or masks should be left on for up to twenty minutes to allow your hair to retain the moisture. So, it is basically a conditioner but ten times more effective, as it moisturises the hair from the dry roots to your dead ends.

The reason hair masks and treatments are so effective is due to the key ingredients they contain, including: Keratin and wheat proteins which help to strengthen the hair. There are also a variety of oils within hair treatments including: Argan, Jojoba, and sunflower oil, which add the moisture your hair is desperate for.

For curly hair, it is best to find hair treatments with a lot of oil, rather than protein, as protein usually dries out the hair.


The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture is great for getting your curls back on track.

Shampoo less, condition more.

It may sound strange to step away from the usual shampoo rinse and repeat mantra to keep your hair looking clean and smooth. But when dealing with curly hair, shampoo actually does more harm than good, as overusing it completely dries out the hair.


But don’t rule out shampoo altogether, instead adjust your routine to suit your hair. To protect your curly hair from drying out you should apply conditioner on to dry hair before using shampoo to minimise dryness.

You could also try out a leave-in conditioner, which you can put in dry or wet hair, and will leave your hair moisturised overnight and throughout the day.

John Frieda’s Daily Miracle Leave-in Conditioner is just what your curls need.


Say Bye to Brushes.

Many people know that brushes and curly hair should not be mentioned in the same sentence (until now), as you should never brush curly hair especially when it is dry, as this will lead to A LOT of frizz.

You should only comb curly hair when it is wet, and after you have applied a moisturising product or leave-in conditioner, in order to avoid breakages in the hair.


As anyone with curly hair knows – curly hair breaks very easily, so the wetter the hair the better.

The Denman Curl Tamer comb will tame those pesky curls in no time.


Heat Protect.

Even though you should try to avoid heat damage at all costs, it cannot always be avoided, as you definitely should not leave the house with wet hair.

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Using a heat protect spray before blow drying or straightening (if you really really have to) is vital in order to protect your hair, and add extra shine to the driest of hair.


Most heat protectant sprays contain silicone, which is used to create a barrier between your hair and the heat applied to it. There has been a lot of negative reviews regarding silicone, but it is actually used in a lot of topical medicines, so it is definitely safe for us to use.

Paul Mitchell’s Soft Style Heat Seal is the perfect protection for curly hair.


Air Dry or Diffuse.

If possible, after washing and combing your hair you should try to avoid using a hair dryer, and allow the hair to dry naturally after towel drying.

If you are in a rush you should try to use a diffuser on your hair dryer, and dry your hair on the lowest heat in order to protect your curls.

After drying, apply a defining serum or oil to the hair in order to lock in moisture. If it is a particularly humid day you should carry one of these hair products with you, in order to keep your curls in perfect condition all day.


Moroccan Oil’s Defining Cream will maintain your curls all day and night.

Do you know of any other ways to get your natural curly hair back? Let us know in the comments below.
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