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15 Easy Nail Art Designs Anyone Can Do At Home

15 Easy Nail Art Designs Anyone Can Do At Home

These are some of the best easy nail art designs that work for both short or long nails! Try out these art tricks at home or with a friend!

Nail art is something everyone can do to show a creative flair. Whether you want stripes, spots, a flower or even glitter I’ve got you covered. Here are my top 15 easy nail art designs anyone can do at home with household items such as tape, a sponge, and a hairgrip.

Top tip: put your nail varnish in the fridge for 10 minutes before you use it and it will be smoother.

1. Ombrè nails

Ombre has become super popular over the last year or so, so to keep up with the curve and ombrè your own nails at home. All you need is a small piece of sponge, a base colour and white or pale shades of the chosen base colour.


2. Spotted

Spots are one of the best easy nail art designs to add depth to your nails. Paint your nails a base colour and wait for them to dry. Then with the end of a hair grip dot another colour (or numerous colours) on top to create a spotty effect.

3. Hair Grips

Hair grips can also be used to create other designs. For example small flowers; use the same technique as above but place dots around the main dot to create a flower effect or drag the polish out for the petals.

4. Glitter

Glitter is always a win-win with nail art and it’s super easy to do at home. This is one of my favourite designs because it is quick and easy and I always have a glitter polish lying around the house to spruce up my nail art. Simply use glitter to create an ombrè look and add sparkle for special occasions or nights out.


5. More Glitter

Another glitter option, if you’re feeling ambitious and artistic, is to create stripes, spots, or awesome patterns with the glitter polish. Otherwise, you can paint one nail glittery to add a little bit of sparkle.

6. Galatic Nails

How cool would it be if you could create nails that looked out of this world? Well, you can! With this easy nail design, you can have your nails coloured like a galaxy. All you need is a variety of colours and a sponge.

7. Stencils

An easy way to change up your nail art designs is to use stencils. Stencils can be made at home with paper or tape and can change your nails appearance in an instant.


8. The Hippie Style

Feeling funky? Create a tie-dyed look instantly with this simple method. Place stripes of coloured varnish across your nail, ensuring it’s a thick layer. Then while wet use the end of a hair grip to drag the colours through each other making it look like an ombrè splash of colour.

9. Stripes

When it comes to easy nail art designs, stick with stripes. They are classy and easy to do and can add a dynamic to any simple outfit. If you have a steady hand then feel free to do them free-hand but otherwise line up a piece of masking tape and use the edge as a guideline. (Remember to wait for the bottom coat colour to dry before placing any tape on top, or you will rip the paint off)

10. Tape

Tape can be used for other straight shapes too. For example, if you want your nails to be half one colour half another, or if you want diagonal lines across your nails. Everyone has some form of tape at home so give it a go and transform your nail art designs easily.

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11. Zebra Stripes

If you have a small paint brush at home you open a whole new door of opportunities for your nails art design. You can use it to paint actual pictures on your nails or to create funky patterns. My favourite to do is these zebra stripes as all you need is two colours and a brush. Just make sure once you’ve finished soaking the paint brush in nail polish remover otherwise it will solidify.

12. Ombre Spots

Another easy method, combining two I have previously mentioned, is ombrè spots. Paint a base coat, then take a hair grip and dot different shades of a colour across your nails for a delicate fresh look.


13. Sharpie Nails

Now we all know how permanent a Sharpie can be; whether you have got it on your hands or unfortunately your face in a prank. So take this knowledge and use it to your advantage with your nails art designs. I love the new metallic range and think it deserves to be used for some easy at home nail art. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sharpie, any permanent marker will do.

14. A Storm Effect

Marble effect has taken the world by storm and I see it all over clothes, bags and even phone cases. So why not let it be seen on your nails too? I’ve learned that a spoon comes in handy for this one; mix two colours together on a spoon with a hair grip and roll your nail in the mixture when it is still wet. Then let them dry, apply a topcoat and you’re good to join the craze. We love easy nail art designs like this one!

15. Pineapples

I have saved the most ambitious design for last. Now that summer is just around the corner why not go all out and transform your nails into this year’s summery symbol: the pineapple. All you will need is the right colours, or a different colour selection if you want to live on the wild side, and a paintbrush. Make sure to keep some nail varnish remover handy to clean your brush between colours.


Are you going to try out any of these easy nail art designs? Let us know in the comment section below!

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