Easy Low Calorie Snack Ideas Anyone Will Love

I’m very well aware of the fact that when you spend your whole day at university, eating right can be a bit tricky. So, it’s half 12 pm, you’re feeling slightly peckish and you really crave a snack. We’ve got a few low calorie snack ideas that you’ll absolutely love! Fun fact: they’re all healthy!

1. Grapes

In another one of our articles, we already covered that if you want to help limit the environmental pollution you produce, you can start bringing your food and coffee in reusable boxes/cups. Many of my friends carry those with them everywhere. So, what’s better than bringing some fresh grapes with you when you want a little snack? Obviously, grapes are very healthy and are a great source of Vitamin A, C and B-6.

2. Sliced apples

You know that there are plenty of supermarkets selling sliced fruit in plastic bags. Of course, it’s better to eat fruit than crisp and other fatty foods but those plastic wraps are still dangerous for the environment. So, following the above advice, just bring some sliced apples in your small lunch box!

3. Sliced pineapple

It’s indeed a pain to slice a pineapple (I personally cannot be bothered to do that and usually ask someone else to do it for me, every time), however, with those new gadgets they sell, you can quickly scoop out only the tastiest bit of the pineapple, slice it in smaller pieces and just bring it in your – you guessed it – lunchbox.

4. Rice cakes

You have to believe me when I say that rice cakes can be absolutely lovely. If you aren’t a fan of the classic taste, you can always try the ones with chocolate, which are so tasty and are less than 80 calories per piece! So you get a rice cake AND some chocolate. Win-win!

5. Raspberries

Raspberries are another one of my favourite low calorie snack ideas, as they don’t have any green leaves or bits like the strawberries for example. They’re sweet, again, full of vitamins and low in calories! Pretty much like every other fruit out there. Besides, they aren’t as messy as blackberries can be, which is a plus.

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6. Fruit yoghurts

Nowadays, shops sell many kinds of yoghurts. You have to be careful though, as although they sound like the perfect low calorie snack ideas, many of them are FULL of sugar. You have to look for the ones with a high amount of protein, which will give you a boost. And the good thing is that many of those yoghurts come with a spoon. Of course, if you wanna stay environmentally friendly you can always bring your own spoon and just munch on it during breaks. I’ve personally done it during a lecture too…

7. Sliced cucumbers

You read that right, and no, it’s not weird. Hell, we’ve said already that when people see you bringing your own food and coffee they will secretly be ashamed. Why? Because you’re not wasting any unnecessary resources with your snack preferences. Bring some sliced cucumbers and sprinkle some salt on them. Not only you’re giving your body some good snack but you’re also hydrating it.

8. Fiber One bars

I’ve kept my absolute favourite for the last point. Fiber One bars are some magically made bars in the form of a brownie/lemon drizzle slice/cinnamon cakes that are tasty af and are only 90 calories!!! That’s worth the news, really. I always bring one or two with me to uni and they’re a lovely snack to have. You can usually find them in every UK supermarket. That’s the ultimate low calorie snack idea, really.

So, did you like our low calorie snack ideas? We hope so! Share below what you like bringing with you to uni/college!

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