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Easy Indoor Plants That Brighten Up Your Dorm Room

Easy Indoor Plants That Brighten Up Your Dorm Room

Easy Indoor Plants That Brighten Up Your Dorm Room

Indoor plants are a great way to liven up the colours in your room and improve your wellbeing alongside! We all know that feeling of the long hours spent in our rooms studying… or you know, just messing around. Whatever you’re up to, indoor plants can really spruce up your dorm rooms. You can start at one and before you know it, you’re living in a jungle and it’s amazing.

However, not every plant is ideal for a small bedroom and is entirely dependent on the level of sun and water that’s possible. The problem is, realistically it’s hard to remind yourself to water it every day and give it enough sunlight. Contrary to belief in terms of how high maintenance plants can be, there are a number of plants out there that barely needs any sunlight or water and can thrive regardless! Sounds almost like a typical college student doesn’t it?

Spider Plant

Spider plants are the most ideal indoor plant for any newbie green thumb as it adapts easily to its surroundings and are easy to care for. They don’t need to be watered often and when you do, make sure you leave enough time in between waterings to let them air out and dry. All you need is to start with good soil! The only problems here might be the browning of the leaves if you’re using tap water so rainwater is more preferable in the long term. In the meantime, if this does happen, you can easily snip off the brown parts!


Snake Plant

Snake plant sounds like a scary name for an indoor plant but contrary to its name, the snake plant is great for improving the air in your room. This indoor plant is one of the easiest to care for. It can be neglected for weeks (which sounds perfect when you’re away on break or just swamped with assignments!) and still bounce back to life with a little care. Not only do they require little attention but they don’t even need much sunlight and won’t attract many pesky bugs! It’s just a quiet plant that wants to left alone, to be honest.

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Pothos Plant

This beautiful baby of a plant is the perfect indoor plant companion! The picture shown below is only one variety of the plant but it’s one of my favorites with its unique white patterning. Pothos can be grown in a number of ways whether it’s dry soil (meaning you don’t need to water it that often) or even in just vases of water! However you can just switch back and forth between those two options but its recommended if you receive the plant in soil, keep it there. Rather than thriving with lots of the sun, the plant does much better in low or indirect lighting in order to survive. If the sound of having to repot your plants and think about soil type sound tiresome, pothos do well in any type of soil!


ZZ Plant

As ridiculous the plant sounds, it’s actually called Zamioculcas Zwart, but that sounds too hard to say and ZZ just sounds much cuter. If by the end of this list you still think the sound of caring for a plant is bothersome, worry not. The ZZ plant is probably one of the strongest indoor plants there are. Not only does it fulfil the usual low maintenance of low lighting, infrequent watering, it also grows at a steady pace that requires infrequent trimming and care. Fact is, the more you ignore this plant, the more it thrives. It’s an easy elegant style that doesn’t get disturbed by things being thrown across the room and doesn’t attract any kind of bugs.

Your room doesn’t need to be filled with huge leafy greens from the get-go, start yourself easy, indoor plants are a journey to enjoy. Which of these do you think will soon be an addition to your dorm room this semester?

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