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10 Easy Homemade Meals You Can Enjoy At Uni

10 Easy Homemade Meals You Can Enjoy At Uni

These homemade meals cook in under 30 minutes so you can prep and enjoy at uni! Grab the ingredients, cook and nourish your body and mind!

Prepping and cooking homemade meals you can have on the go might be tricky and very time-consuming, especially when you are a full-time student working part-time too. To make things easier for you and help you stay healthy, we’ve created a list of 10 Easy Homemade Meals You Can Enjoy At Uni you can make yourself under 30 minutes! Here is all you need to know:

1. Quick And Easy Oatmeal

This is the legendary recipe for oatmeal! The easiest, the quickest and most valuable nutrition-wise homemade meal or rather a breakfast! There is no other breakfast like good oats with milk, fruit, seeds and nut butter! Here you have four different variations of traditional oatmeal you need to try!


2. Red Smoothie

Smoothies constitute a great snack that you’ll feel running through your veins! It is super simple and quick and can be consumed anywhere at any time. This red smoothie consists of both veggies and fruit – but before you judge the book by its cover, give it a go!

3. Cacao Smoothie

And if a red smoothie is not for you, why not to try a sort of coffee-like smoothie packed with superfoods? It tastes like a cold mixture of hot chocolate and coffee! Unreal!


4. Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels

Colourful, healthy and so damn delicious! These little veggie wraps are very simple, easy and quick to make, just perfect as a snack or for lunch if you’re craving vegetables, however, you can spice it up by adding seasoned chicken to it too!


5. Crispy Beef Wraps

Another wrap lunch idea! These are Mexican style meat wraps you can make a day before, and be sure you have your protein, carbs and vegetables all in one meal. It is best served with rice and bell pepper, and a tiny amount of your favourite cheese! It takes 25 minutes to make, so no excuses this time! Grab the ingredients and enjoy your homemade meal!

6. Carrot Soup

Is there anyone else so obsessed with carrots as I am? they’re full of beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A and supports your immune system as well as improves your skin condition and helps it glow! It is a creamy bowl of heaven and a perfect meal for those cold days!


7. Spicy Peanut Soup With Sweet Potato And Kale

This is one of those super quick homemade meals that deserve your attention no matter what! It is packed with your daily greens, a proper dose of turmeric and nuts – healthy fats! You can keep it in a container and enjoy it any time during your lunch break. Soups are great homemade meals that require almost zero effort and will warm you up any time. Ideal for the days when you have to study in the library or when it’s freezing outside and you simply need a bowl of the sun!

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8. Mushroom Balsamic Pasta

Maybe you’ve just smashed an intense workout and you’re craving carbs? Or maybe you’ve finished a three-hour long workshop that made your brain power-work? Fuel your body and fuel your mind, they both keep you going to treat them right! This creamy balsamic pasta can be served as a vegetarian or a meat-packed meal, depending on your preferences. Make some more to enjoy the leftovers the next day!


9. Pesto Chicken Pasta With Sundried Tomatoes And Broccoli

If you’re not a mushroom person and you need more greens in your life, here is the pesto chicken pasta with sundried tomatoes and broccoli! Attention, attention to all my fitness freaks out there – this meal is high in carbs and fibre, and loaded with proteins you need to build those muscles! It is also perfect for those who spend long days studying and need that extra fuel and do power through the tasks!

10. Cajun Chicken And Rice One-Pot

And if you’re not a fan of past, give this recipe a try! Rice-based one-pot recipe with chicken, bell peppers, tomato paste, and onion. You can even spice it up by adding healthy fats like avocado or some crushed walnuts. This is one of those very nutritious homemade meals that will keep you satisfied and full for hours!


Do you have your quick, go-to homemade meals on your list? Let us know in the comments.
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