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8 Easy Hacks To Money Saving

8 Easy Hacks To Money Saving

8 Easy Hacks To Money Saving

Money saving can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be – all you need to do is to follow simple little rules and see those coins staying in your pocket. I have been trying to figure out the best steps I could undertake that would help me save up some money, and I must say I’ve come up with some great stuff. Some of my money saving hacks are quite obvious but I feel like we tend to forget about those little things so often that it’s worth reminding. Maybe you’ve heard your aunties or friends telling you that before? Regardless of that, if you’re new to money saving, follow along with my guide and make notes – they may save your bum! Here is the list of 8 Easy Hacks To Money Saving!

1. Subscriptions

Now, think for a moment and admit to yourself – how many platforms do you subscribe to? And how many of them could be shared with another person, or two? Let’s assume you’re a Spotify and Netflix subscriber – is there anyone you could share the account with? This is a great tip to money-saving – the same amount of money paid for both platforms monthly but two users, or even more if you like! And if you’re not using any particular platform anymore, just unsubscribe – don’t waste your coins brothers and sisters!

2. Planning Your Meals

This money-saving hack can actually help you start eating healthier! We all know that food is fuel – if you want your body to function properly, feed it! Make a list of meals you’re planning on making and list all the ingredients needed. Check your cupboards, fridge, and shelves, and make sure you use what’s left first! Don’t buy anything unless you’re certain that you don’t have a product but will actually need it. Once that’s done, write all the products you’ll need to purchase! Such an easy and simple money saving hack! I know it might be very inconvenient and annoying at the beginning since you’ve never done this before – however, once you get into it and give it a go, you’ll notice the magic. Oh, and you can thank me later!


3. Swap Or Sell

I know what you’re thinking now! ‘Ugh, wearing a dress someone else used to wear gives me chills’ or ‘I’m not gonna thrift shop this chair because it’s been used by an unknown individual and it’s not brand new’! Listen to – it is alright to thrift shop, and you can actually find super cool vintage stuff sometimes! And if there’s anything you own that you particularly dislike, sell it! You will get rid of unnecessary items you don’t need anymore and find them a new home – and at the same time earn some money! You may swap with someone too – this is an ideal way to get something for free and dispense with things you don’t use.

4. DIY

This is the best money saving hack ever! Not everyone has been blessed with damn fine drawing skills and not every single one of us is good at dancing – but no one is perfect so roll with it! DIY is an awesome way to bring old things to life and it will help you refresh your interior or look too! You can DIY everything from painting your wardrobe, through making cute container jars to making your clothes more trendy by adding a new touch to them. There are so many ways you can do it – and if you can’t think of any idea, look up online and get inspo!

5. House Parties

Money saving hack number 5 is to house party! You don’t necessarily have to go clubbing and sip on alcohol like crazy to have fun, you know?! Invite some friends over to yours, decide on who brings what (from drinks to snack and meals) and create that bombastic playlists all of you will jam to. Simple things matter!

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6. Cycle Or Walk

This hack may not surprise you if you’re trying to stay fit and healthy, and move your body a little – this money-saving hack will help you loads! Public transport is pretty pricey, isn’t it? Not to mention having your own car and paying for petrol! However, there is one thing you can do about it and it is very easy! Why not invest in a bike that will get you to whenever you want, faster than a car or a bus, and both your body and mind will thank you!  Give it a go, especially during summer – the weather will motivate you! And if you’re not forced to drive long distances a day, then get yourself a bike or walk – no excuses!

7. No More Takeaways

Oh, boy, this takeaway coffee from your favorite place or the most delicious takeaway food you really enjoy sound so good and so pricey, if you do it multiple times a week. What you could try instead is preparing meals yourself for yourself! Invest in lunchboxes and a beautiful thermal mug you can take anywhere with you – this way you’ll be able to keep track over your spendings and you’ll learn a new skill too!


8. Piggy Bank

Sounds silly? What if you feed your Piggy Bank £1 a day? calculate it yourself! A very old-fashioned way to money saving that is still trendy and cool.

What are your money-saving hacks? Share with us in the comments below.

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