20 Easy Festival Hairstyles To Complete Your Look

It's festival season! Try out one of these easy festival hairstyles when looking for ideas on how to wear your hair! From braids, flower headbands, accessories, and more! You won't want to miss these concert looks.

Festival season is almost upon us, and no look is complete without a stylish ’do! Here’s a list of 10 easy festival hairstyles that will make you stand out from the crowd!

1) The twisted crown

This messy-chic hairstyle is perfect for a relaxed feminine look.

2) The fishtail braid

A classic festival look, the fishtail braid is both practical and stylish.


3) The braided updo (short hair)

This hairstyle is sleek and elegant-looking, but so easy to pull off.

4) The double French plait

As beautiful as it is simple and easy, this hairstyle is a festival mainstay… and for good reason!


5) The Khaleesi braid

Inspired by Daenerys’s hairstyle on Game of Thrones, this lovely braid for long hair is perfect for chanelling your inner festival queen.

6) The short hair bandana

Why should long-haired girls have all the fun? This funky bandana look is easy and will give you that boho edge.

7) Buns and braids

This cute boho style combines luscious wavy locks, tiny braids and buns. What’s not to like?


8) The crown braid

Guaranteed to make any girl look like a festival princess, this stunning crown braid is definitely a hairstyle to try.

9) Space buns with glitter parting

Add this glittery bun to your list of festival hairstyles — it’s easy and super chic.

10) Curls and plaits

If you’ve got short hair, this whimsical ’do is a must-try!


11) Side fishtail

This stunning bohemian hairstyle is brilliant for those with long locks — simple if you know how to French plait.

12) Loose and feathery

For girls who prefer to leave their hair loose and flowing, try this style. It’s low-maintenance but the feathers give it the perfect touch of glam!

13) Elven plaits

There’s a definite Celtic vibe to this beautiful hairstyle — could there be a more perfect way to keep your long locks back while looking like a beautiful elven priestess?

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14) Dreamcatcher

If braiding and buns aren’t your thing, why not leave your hair loose and decorate it with a beautiful hair ornament like this dreamcatcher?

15) The classic headband

One of the most time-honoured easy festival hairstyles of all time, embrace the 60s with a simple hairband over loose hair and team with big round sunglasses for added hippy vibes!


16) Feathered hairband

These stunning feathered hairbands are so easy to wear, and available in different lengths to suit any hairstyle. Girls with long hair suit long flowing feathers, and if you’ve got a shorter cut try something small and cute!

17) Gold hair chain

Smooth silky locks paired with hair jewellery like this delicate gold chain is always a winning festival look.

18) Wool hair extensions

These woollen hair extensions are designed to look like dreads, but far easier to maintain. They’re available in any colour, and many are beautifully decorated.


19) Pierced braids

Such a simple addition to easy festival hairstyles, but so wonderful. Try decorating your plaits with these beautiful hoops. Don’t worry, no actual piercing is required!

20) Add flowers!

Adding flowers to your hairstyle by threading them into plaits or weaving them into your hair is a beautiful way to enhance your style. Whether you buy specially designed hairclips with flowers or go full hippy and use real buds, you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous!

Did you like any of these easy festival hairstyles? Let us know if you’re going to try one out in the comment section below!

Featured Image Source: www. Pinterest.com