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10 Easy Exercises To Incorporate Into Your Busy Schedule

10 Easy Exercises To Incorporate Into Your Busy Schedule

Easy exercises can be incorporated into your busy life without hindering your tight schedule and probably actually boosting productivity. 

Here are ten easy exercises you can incorporate into your busy life without hindering your tight schedule and probably actually boosting productivity.

1. Ten Minute Yoga

Incorporating ten minutes of yoga into your daily morning routine is the perfect way to wake up and positively align your body for the day. Even ten minutes of nice and easy yoga is enough to get your blood flowing and wake you up in the morning, there are plenty of ten minute videos on Youtube go guide you through too.

2. Park Further Away And Walk

Park your car ten or twenty minutes away from the office or uni and walk the remainder of the journey; or walk the whole way if you can. Either way, you should definitely not be sitting. Walking is one of the most effective ways of getting exercise on a daily basis and releasing natural endorphins to pump you throughout the day. Of all the easy exercises there are out there, this probably has the be the simplest. We do recommend you wear some shoes though.


3. Get Bored Of Walking? Cycle!

Cycling is such a good way of getting some easy exercise and enjoying yourself at the same time. It doubles up as a great cardio work out and also tones up your leg muscles tenfold. What’s more, it can be a super sociable means of exercising and commuting.

4. Do Squats At The Bus Stop

Squat to pick up the dish cloth you just dropped. Squat and look the hot guy in the eye whilst you pick his pen up, squat when you’re waiting for the printer to complete its current job. Squat in shop queues, squat it like it’s hot. Either way, squat squat squat. It’s easy exercises like these that will really get you noticed. Try to have better form than this guy though.

5. Always Take The Stairs

You heard me, don’t be a pussy ass bitch. Maybe try missing a few steps every now and then and turn that upstairs journey into an impromptu hamstring, quad and glute workout. People will only think you’re weird because they all take the lift.


6. Take Your Phone Calls Outside

Go for a walk, wander round the office or outside the library. Either way, if you’re going to get distracted from the task at hand, you may as well not sit down for it and get that respiratory system of yours working. Talk about easy exercises. It’s such a hard life.

7. Swim

If you can, wake up earlier than usual and try to fit a swim into your schedule once a week or so. It’ll do amazing things for your morale and will definitely get you pumped and feeling refreshed for the day. Start off by going once a week if that’s all you can manage and see how you feel afterwards. We guarantee you’ll feel so great you’ll be wishing you could go every day (but alas, time, hair, shampoo money…)

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8. Tricep Dips

Like the squatting advice we gave you, you should be doing tricep dips anywhere and everywhere. Do it like nobody’s looking or when nobody’s looking, it doesn’t matter, just so long as you’re not giving a presentation or something. Because that would be quite distracting.

9. Silent Seat Squeeze

Okay, joking aside, the silent seat squeeze is a perfect example of how you can incorporate some easy exercise into your busy schedule without even leaving your seat. To enact the silent seat squeeze all you have to do is squeeze your bum cheeks together for 5-10 seconds and then release. Do this until your bum gets tired or you have to get up. I personally think it’s one of the most effective ways you can tone your glutes.

10. The Grim Reaper

For this other office friendly exercise all you need to do is find a ream of paper, a big book reminiscent of the good old Yellow Pages days or some sort of sealed package. This is probably one of the easiest exercises for all you need to do, whilst seated again, is place the object between your knees and press together, engaging the inner thighs. Squeeze for 30-60 seconds whilst you filter through small talk, spam emails and maybe even silently squeeze your glutes.  


Have you enjoyed reading this article? Have you not enjoyed reading this article? Have you any of your own easy exercise additions to add in the comments section below? Either way, let us know!

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