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10 Easy Dishes To Try When Learning How To Cook

10 Easy Dishes To Try When Learning How To Cook

10 Easy Dishes To Try When Learning How To Cook

So, as of late you have been trying to establish your dominance over the kitchen – you want to become more domesticated. However, before you start on the intermediate and pro level of cooking, you have thought it best to take the advise of those around you and start with easy dishes, to help build up some initial confidence. Still unsure where to look? Well, you have come to the right place! Here are 10 easy dishes to try when learning how to cook!

1. Shakshuka

A dish originating from Northern Africa, that literally only requires you to throw everything in a pan with a quick prep time of around 10 minutes. The spices combined awaken your tastebuds like never before! The mixed array of cumin, paprika, turmeric, ginger and garlic, means you can definitely count this dish out for being bland-you definitely cannot go wrong with this dish.

2. Vegetable and pumpkin soup

A soup particularly popular in the cold winter months, especially since pumpkin is harvested within the fall (butternut squash can be an alternative), it’s wholesome and heavy, meaning it will satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. The preparation of this soup simply requires all the chopped vegetables to simmer in one pot together, with the accommodating spices of your choice. Voila, an easy dish!


3. Poached egg, Mashed avocados and toast

Perhaps the simplest of the easy dishes selection, this dish requires the maximum culinary techniques of poaching the eggs in boiling hot water. All that is then required is mashing an avocado with a fork-adding pepper and lemon juices (with possible chilli flakes for that extra kick) and finally presenting all the ingredients together on top of sourdough bread to be eaten. YUM!

4. Stew

Stew is a heart warming dish to try in the cold months of winter, where nutrition is key for the days lacking sun. All you require is chopped vegetables, mince meat with a stock cube and simmer all the ingredients together! Top the dish off with a layer of pastry in the oven and there you have it-literally comfort food and easy dishes does not get better then this!

5. Stuffed vegetables

An Arab eastern twist to the easy dishes options, this dish work perfectly with sweet peppers, just as they do in the middle east! Clean the core of your peppers, and fill with a pre-made stuffing of your selection (usually rice, mince meat and spices), then simmer in a pan and accompany with natural yogurt and a garden salad for the win!


6. Lasagne

The signature dish from Naples, Italy, has become a world known phenomena meal in cooking. This dish is simply a repetition of layers of pasta, béchamel sauce (or white sauce) and minced meat in a tomato sauce. This dish always brings people together, so make this dish on your list of easy dishes to cook, for your next dinner party!

7. Roast Chicken dinner

Roast dinners are easy dishes to prepare for when you have to cook for many people-or don’t have much time to make dinner, as all you need to do is chop your vegetables, drizzle the tray in olive oil, salt and pepper and simply overlay your vegetables and chicken above- letting the oven do all the work!

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8. Risotto

Risotto is a rice dish cooked with broth to reach a creamy consistency. The secret to mastering this recipe is by adding 1/2 a cup of broth each time to slowly allow the rice to release its natural starches and to achieve the optimum texture you desire. In addition to this, when you add the broth liquid to the dish, ensure its pre-boiled and hot-to make the prep time much less and ultimately in the favour of your hungry tummy!

9. Fish Fillet

Fish is known to have quite a quick cooking time, usually around 6-12 minutes (depending on how you like it of course). They key factor to consider when making a fish fillet filled with flavour, is to prepare a marinate to soak the fish in-the night before. Try a bowl filled with olive oil, cayenne pepper, sea salt, dill and butter for the perfect combination. Side the dish with homemade chips, for more easy dishes made by you!

10. Chicken Fajitas

The final meal 0f the easy dishes, this meal has a quick prep time of 15 minutes. You simply combine the spices, paprika, cumin, coriander, pepper, crushed garlic and lime juice to make a marinade that you may add to the finely cut chicken cooking in a pan. The only additional pieces you will need are heated tortilla wraps for the completion! Mexican food never looks so good, when made by your own hands right?


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