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8 Easy Dinner Meals For Busy People

8 Easy Dinner Meals For Busy People

Trying to think of what to cook for dinner can be stressful when you lead a busy life. But with these easy dinner meals, cooking will be a breeze!

When you’re living life in the fast lane, dinner is sometimes the last thing on your mind, and you end up doing something that might not be delicious, or you stick with the same boring, old meal. Read on to find what easy dinner meals you can cook after a busy day.

1. Sweet And Sour Pork Stir Fry

This dish is quick and simple, but still packs a lot of flavour from the lime juice and hoisin sauce. It also has various vegetables like carrots and capsicum, but you can also add some extra ones as well, like snow peas or broccoli. What’s great about this dish is that it only takes 30 minutes to make. A perfect meal for a busy person!

For the recipe, go to Woman’s Day.


8 Easy Dinner Meals For Busy People

2. Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Easy dinner meals are all about simplicity, and this dish is simple in nature. You just whack the sweet potatoes in the oven for an hour, make the black bean mixture while the sweet potatoes are cooking, and when they’re done, assemble and eat! Furthermore, this recipe uses a vegan cream, but you can use sour cream if you’re not vegan.

Check out Food With Feeling for the recipe.


3. Easy Beef And Broccoli

The name says it all with this dish. 15 minutes, and you have a delicious dish that the whole family will love. The recipe has a bit of spice to it due to the red pepper flakes and sriracha sauce, but this is tempered by the sweet honey, making this dish perfect for the whole family.

Go to Damn Delicious for the recipe.

8 Easy Dinner Meals For Busy People


4. One Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta

Traditional fajitas are delicious, but this dish takes fajitas to a whole new level. It has all the toppings of a fajita, with the capsicum and taco seasoning, but is also creamy and hearty. What’s great about this recipe is that it only takes 30 minutes to make – a perfect dinner after a busy day! Moreover, you put everything into the one pot, which will create less mess for you to clean up. Bonus!

For the recipe, check out The Chunky Chef.

5. 15 Minute Lo Mein

Besides being simple, easy dinner meals are also about quick cooking, and this dish is quick to make, as you only need 15 minutes. This recipe is packed with vegetables, including bok choy, mushrooms and carrots, and you can also add in some meat to the recipe if you wish.


Go to Pinch Of Yum for the recipe.

8 Easy Dinner Meals For Busy People

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6. Pasta With Easy Sausage Ragu

Sometimes it’s best to the classics when it comes to easy dinner meals, and this recipe is a classic. It also packs a lot of flavour from the fresh basil and garlic, and the sausage is delicious and tender when combined with the diced tomatoes. With this dish, your whole family will be begging for seconds.

For the recipe, check out Woman’s Day.

7. Spicy Pork Posole

With only 30 minutes to make, this recipe is easy and simple, but flavoursome. Though the recipe does have a kick to it from the chilli powder, hot sauce and poblano pepper, you can adjust the measurements to make it less spicy.


Go to Country Living for the recipe.

8 Easy Dinner Meals For Busy People

8. Quick Spring Lamb and Vegetable Stew

This dish has it all: it’s hearty, packed with flavour and it’s cooked in one pot. This recipe is great to have on a winter’s night, as it will definitely fill you up and leave you all toasty warm on the inside.


Check out Real Simple for the recipe.

Do you know of any easy dinner meals that you love to cook? Tell us in the comments below!

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