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Easy And Creative DIY Decor For Your Room That We Absolutely Froth

Easy And Creative DIY Decor For Your Room That We Absolutely Froth

Easy And Creative DIY Decor For Your Room That We Absolutely Froth

Our bedrooms are usually a haven to rest but if you’re looking for ways to bring life to your room, here are some DIY Decor projects that anybody can do! A boring room with blank walls will have you feeling unmotivated and the best way to inspire your creative process is to get hands-on! So, we are providing some DIY decor ideas that are not only creative but also easy to make and will spice up your room today.

Colour Block Clock

A great way to give your room a splash of colour without being too overwhelming is to colour block. A simple but stylish idea is to paint your clock, choosing a colour combination that suits your room. Use some tape to separate the sections you want to paint and get painting away! You’ll want to paint each section with at least 2 or 3 layers for a more vibrant colour. Before peeling off the tape, make sure to wait one day for the paint to dry completely for nice crisp lines. A colour block clock is a simple DIY Decor that will make your room feel complete and stylish.

Abstract Art

Not everyone is an artist but making your own abstract painting is so simple, easy and fun! Create a vision in your mind and be aware of these three components: composition, texture, and colour. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different mediums and techniques so you can create the perfect decor for your room. Some people may not understand abstract art, but the interpretation of the artwork belongs to you so be as expressive as you can be.


Flower Wall

If you’re looking to fill up wall space, flower walls are perfect and insanely pretty. Gather all your faux flowers and pull them off the stems. Attach them to some string or wire, either tying it to the stem or using a hot glue gun to evenly space out each flower. Then finding a branch or any sort of stick to hang your flowers from, wrap it around to secure the flowers from falling off. Add some leaves if you want to bring the outdoor life inside your room and your flower decor is complete!


Whether you have clipboards laying around or you feel the need to buy a dozen, they are a useful display that can potentially serve many purposes. Rather than using it to assist us to write on a piece of paper, you can use it as a decorative piece on your wall by displaying pictures and motivational quotes. If you’re after something more functional, you can print off reminders and calendars to put on display. This will help you keep organised in a fun and unique way that’ll keep you motivated as you can constantly change the design if you feel like you need something different.

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Watercolour Painting

Choose a selection of paint and mix each colour with some water. Using one colour at a time, pour a small amount of the paint onto the canvas and with a straw, blow the paint in different directions to create a flowing effect. Gradually build up the colour using different paints until you are satisfied with your abstract painting. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and get creative!

Press Plant Frames

A creative way to embrace nature without the maintenance of having indoor plants is to simply press them down and frame them in your room! It’s simple, inexpensive and can be arranged in various ways using unique frames to make your room more interesting.

What DIY decor would you put in your room? Let us know your favourite below!

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