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10 Easy Ab Workouts For A Toned Flat Stomach This Summer

10 Easy Ab Workouts For A Toned Flat Stomach This Summer

If you're looking for some easy ab workouts, then these are some of the best ab related exercises for women that you can do at home to achieve that flat stomach! Burn that belly fat with these toning exercises!

Toning your abs can do wonders for your body. By working out those muscles in your tummy, it can stabilise your core, increase your balance, and improve endurance. Start off simple with these 10 easy ab workouts that will get you toned and in shape for those summer months!

1. Sit Ups

Simple, easy, and no equipment necessary. To complete the correct sit up, lie on your back with your knees folded, feet placed firmly on the floor. Complete a sit up and be sure to utilise your abdominal muscles. Be sure to use your arms as a guide, and not your neck. If you need some help, have someone sit on your feet or keep your arms by your ears. To increase the difficulty of this exercise complete with your legs raised or on a decline bench.
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2. Leg Raises

Yet another simple and easy exercise that can be done anywhere without equipment. Place your hands under your hips for some support on your and lie flat. Raise your legs to a ninety degree simultaneously to feel those ab muscles work. Try to keep your legs straight for maximum effect.
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3. Hip Dips

One of the best easy ab workouts for the obliques. Get into plank position with your toes on the ground, heels pushed down, and on your elbows, slowly dip your hips to either side without letting it touch the floor.
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4. Russian Twists

Balance yourself on your tush, with your legs off the ground and crossed over, keep your hands held together and twist left and right. Keep yourself accountable with this one by being sure to tap the floor with each twist to the side. Increase the difficulty of this workout by adding a weight in your hands.
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5. Plank

A simple and easy move that is sure to burn your entire body. Lie on your front, and push your body up off the ground on your toes and either elbows or hands with your arms outstretched. Hold for as long as possible while keeping your body as level as possible. Avoid dipping your butt, or raising it too high. Increase the difficulty of planking by adding a weight to your back as you plank.
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6. Flutter Kicks

Lie flat on your back, and place your hands under your hips for back support. Lift both legs off the ground and kick up and down alternately. Do not let either of your feet touch the floor as you are completing this exercise.
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7. Mountain Climbers

Sets yourself up in a pushup position on your toes and arms. Keep your body level without raising or dipping your butt, bring one leg up diagonally across your body and bring it back down. Repeat with alternating legs. Increase the difficulty of this workout by integrating pushups every 4-8 rounds of mountain climbers.
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8. Heel Touch

Lie on your back and raise your knees, with your feet planted on the ground (sit up position). On either side of your body, bend sideways to touch your heel. Alternate on sides and avoid using your neck as a guide.
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Working out at home is a great way around that, not to mention you won’t be breaking your bank with a gym membership that you barely use. Integrate regular fitness sessions with these best at home workouts for women.

9. V Sit Tucks

Balance yourself on your butt with your legs and arms off the floor. Simultaneously lean back and extend your legs before returning to start position to complete the exercise. Continue and feel the burn of this exercise!
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10. Oblique lifts

The only move that requires a weight, but it is still easy and simple that can be completed at home. Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, and hold the weight in one hand. Lean over to side with the weight and ensure you are not leaning sideways and not to the front or back. Continue to bend and lift to tone your obliques.
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What do you think of these easy ab workouts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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10 Easy Ab Workouts For A Toned Stomach