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10 Easter Memes That Will Have You Laughing Your Eggs Off

10 Easter Memes That Will Have You Laughing Your Eggs Off

10 Easter Memes That Will Have You Laughing Your Eggs Off

Are you very excited for the sunny and chocolately season that’s Easter? You are definitely not the only one. What’s not to like… It’s Spring, animals are making adorable little babies and there’s chocolate coming out your ears and wherever else!

Well, to add to this all around happy time of year here’s some memes that’ll accompany your chocolate-coma and have you laughing your eggs off… or hopefully calories!

1. Chocolate Is Life

If you’re above the age of 15, you will probably know the struggle. Why do all family members think there is a certain age where you get too old for chocolate? I would like an Easter egg, a Christmas Advent calendar and I would also still enjoy you taking me trick or treating thank you very much.


2. Pray For The Vegans

I’m sure we’ve all felt sorry for vegans at least once; whether that’s because they can’t enjoy pigs in blankets with their Christmas Dinner or because they can never indulge in those Egg’s Royale you order from your favourite brunch joint. Well, prepare to feel for them even more because there ain’t no Free From chocolate egg like a Cadbury’s chocolate egg.

3. Supermarket Sins

It is a shocking act every time a Supermarket changes up their Christmas Seasonal spread to Easter eggs the minute after Santa Claus finishes work. Chill out guys, you still have leftover Christmas chocolate going in the sale for us all to devour yet.

4. Church Stress

If you’re a church go’er, you’ll know… If you’re not, you’ll see.


5. The Mess Is Real

You strategically eat your chocolate eggs in a way that will create the least mess. To start, you bite into the egg and then you fold the foil over so that it conceals all chocolate and has no rips. However, you still didn’t do a good enough job because for the next few weeks you’ll still find traces of those wrappers that’ll continue on that guilt.

6. The Tomb Truths

We all know that if Jesus wasn’t resurrected then that’s it, he would of died, the end but have we ever pictured the faces on the guards who found no traces of his body in the tomb? It would definitely go a little something like this.

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7. Dory Knows

I’m sure we can all relate with Dory on a deep level when it comes to this. Is it ever the time to stop munching on those eggs even though you have a food baby the size of Jupiter and you feel like you’re going to regurgitate the whole lot? Definitely not.

8. Act Cool

Easter Sunday is always extra busy at church because everybody probably needs to rid themselves of the sins of what they are about to consume that day and as it is so busy, there’ll always be those familiar faces wherever you look that you just don’t know whether it’s acceptable to say hi to or ignore. So, what do you do? you pull this very necessary but unattractive face.

9. The Shame

I’m sure we can all relate to this very shameful Rottweiler. You’ve binged on the choc, you’ve scoffed an entire roast and now you’re about to move onto grandma’s pud. The only question you can ask yourself is “Why am I like this?”.


10. The Easter Bunny Gone Wrong

This is for all of you wimps that agree that the Easter Bunny is just a little creepy. I mean, we’ve not only got an old, white bearded man who sees you when you’re sleeping but now we have a bunny that delivers eggs and gifts to children? I’d hate to think what Halloween could have potentially had to offer, especially if this beast is potentially what the Easter Bunny could look like.

Did any of these memes make you laugh your eggs off? Or do you have any up your sleeve that deserve some appreciation? Share them in the comments below!

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