5 Easter Egg Hunts For Adults This 2019

5 Easter Egg Hunts For Adults This 2019

That time of year is coming up where we stuff our faces in chocolate and spend ridiculous amounts of money for no reason. Most adults nowadays just see Easter as any other day but why does it have to just be ‘another day’. So, here are 5 easter egg hunts for adults you should definitely consider doing this 2019.

1. True Or Dare

You know the classic came, right? Here’s the twist: for this game you will need to get little easter eggs and hide them around your garden/house etc… However, write notes on them such as “I dare you to take a shot of vodka” or “is it true you slept with … the other weekend?” make sure to be as creative as you can and above all, make it fun!

2. Beauty Hunt

Okay ladies, this one’s for you! We all have to wait ‘till christmas or our birthdays to get the beauty products we wish for, but why don’t you let that day come earlier? This doesn’t even need to include eggs just get your favourite beauty products and get someone. For example, a sibling to hide them around the house and then get you and your ‘girl’ friends together and start hunting! Just make sure you find that morphe pallet first!


3. Easter Graft

This easter hunt is for everyone but we all know the lads are going to take advantage of this one. Get you and the boys round and start the game off by deciding who is going to go first… no one? Okay, whoever doesn’t finish a shot of tequila off first loses. Only fair right? This is where the game starts. Before your night out or easter egg hunt, your friends have to point out a lass/fella for you to chat up and the aim of the game is to get their number in under three minutes. Whoever gets the most numbers by the end of the night wins. However, the loser… well, i’ll let you decide the forfeit.

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4. Neon Easter Party

We all want an excuse to get drunk and this one is perfect! All you need is alcohol and to do a little decorating. You will want to keep this easter themed so make sure to decorate your house full of easter eggs and bunnies and you can even make your own alcoholic beverages. For example, ‘The Easter Treat’ or ‘Bunny Bombs.’ You can even dress up and compete with your friends to see who comes best dressed as well if you really wanted to go all out, this doesn’t need to cost a lot at all, you just need to make sure you’re getting drunk.


5. Easter Hunt

We all love a classic treasure hunt, who doesn’t? If you love a good adventure then you will fall in love with this version. All you need is your group of friends to start this easter hunt. But, each clue will lead you through to an easter egg that has more shots in it so the game gets harder as you’re getting more tispy. After an hour of playing this game you will come to the final price which can be anything you want it to be. Use your imagination!

We all want to be able to enjoy our lives and have as much fun as we can. We celebrate Easter as a part of religion but our holidays are evolving everyday. Make the most out of the seasonal holidays as we’re only getting older! Make sure to comment if you are going to try any of these ideas for Easter.
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