7 East Asian Fashion Trends You Need To Jump On Now

East Asian fashion trends are generally ahead of the western world when it comes to deciding what looks hot and what the next big thing should be. They championed the slip dresses, skinny jeans and bright colours long before we adopted it on the other side of the world. If you want to stay ahead of the fashion game, here are seven trends that’ll keep you looking fresh.

1. Contrast with colours

When we think about Japanese fashion trends our minds tend to wander to the more eclectic and unique ensembles spotted in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. However, Tokyo street fashion isn’t all about odd layers, frills or hanging fabrics – you’ll find that there can be simplicity in Japanese street style. One of the major trends for 2019 is using colours to create contrast and accents. Within a monochrome look, make sure to add bold block colours to make it more interesting, lively and bright.

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2. Think bottoms

This look features two trends that are taking Tokyo by storm – oversized bottoms and wide-leg striped trousers. Adding this to your wardrobe makes for a chic outfit that’s all about the “high-fashion”. The vertical stripes also work magic as they can make your legs appear longer, adding height and dimension to your look.

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3. Slip dress over a blouse

This has been a huge trend over the past two years and it looks like it’s here to stay. Putting on a blouse, top or tee beneath a slip dress is a cute combination for any season. If you’re sensitive about showing too much skin, or you enjoy layering your outfits, then this combo is the perfect compromise for you!

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4. Pastel and more pastel

Pastel colours are big in Korean style. The colours are light, youthful and cute which is a big aspect of Korean fashion for teens and young adults. Pairing pastel clothing items with white and denim are a classic combination for a soft and feminine look. If you’re interested in wearing pastel clothing you should get planning now, as spring and summer are just around the corner.

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5. A maxi skirt for a feminine touch

Pairing a maxi skirt with an otherwise edgy or masculine outfit seems like a combination that doesn’t work, but interestingly enough, it does. Maxi skirts can come in so many shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics making it the perfect clothing item to add to an outfit if you’re looking to mix things up. It also adds a hint of femininity and class to edgier and more formal outfits.

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6. Texture and proportions

When you have a monochromatic outfit, it’s important to use other aspects of your clothes and accessories to add some life and personality. Tokyo street fashion loves a good monochrome look, so fashionistas have taken advantage of layering, textures and oversized pieces to make an outfit more interesting. The outfit below features a matte suede oversized jacket, shiny leather boots and striped skinny trousers to create an outfit with diversity.

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7. The modern feminine blouse

Ruffled lacy blouses are on trend in Korea as they’re perfect for adding a soft and feminine touch to the classic jean combo. If you’re not a fan of wearing dresses and skirts but still want to feel feminine and “dressed up”, then a blouse is a must-have item for your closet.

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What are your thoughts on these East Asian fashion trends? Have you tried any of these out and are there any on this list that you’re thinking of trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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