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10 Dreamy Beaches That Are All Located In The UK

10 Dreamy Beaches That Are All Located In The UK

These are the 10 most dreamy beaches for you to go to this summer. These beaches are all located in the United Kingdom, avoid any expensive travel costs!

You would normally imagen Britain as a cold, gloomy and windy country, where the citizens carry their umbrellas 365 days a year and travel to other European neighbour cities and beaches in desperate search of a bit of sun rays. Yet, you will be surprised about the quantity of dreamy beaches that are located across the UK, that many Brits themselves, didn’t know about until now. Summer is finally here and there are so many beautiful beach spots spread across the country, many along the south and western coast, where you can spend a relating day soaking in the sun. Here is a list of 10 dreamy beaches located in Britain that you can’t miss.

1. Blackpool sands – south Devon

This is a very popular spot where families like to spend their time on the peaceful and beautiful beach, backed by wooded hills. The sea is clean and calm enough for swimming and you can also kayak. Paddle boats are also available for the most adventurous who are always ready to explore.

2. Luskentyre, Outer Hebrides- Scottish Islands

This breath-taking spot is located is the north-west coasts, with brilliant sand and blue crystalline water. It is just beautiful how this spot is totally wild in its nature, free from any human contamination. This tranquil beach has not just a picturesque view, it is also perfect for a relaxing picnic with friends and family.


3. Rhossili beach – Wales

Rhossili beach is an amazing stretch of four miles of golden sand at the western coast of the country. This picturesque spot is popular for the amazing sunsets that can be overviewed from the top of the hills that surround the beach. The only challenge is the access, which is only possibly through a tricky and quite adventurous walk down the cliff path.

4. Watergate Bay – North Cornwall

This beach is just adorable. It has two miles of golden and soft sand, rock pools, cliffs and caves. This place is ideal for those who are searching for a peaceful day at the beach, just relaxing sipping a chilled cocktail, but is also a popular option for those who want to get involved in different day activities such as surfing, trekking or simply strawberries haunting.

5. Uig Bay – Scotland

Uig bay is located on the Isle of Lewis, among the islands of the Outer Hebrides. It is one of the most dreamy beaches and has one of the most spectacular views, with shell sand, clear water and surrounded by other bays to be explored. This place is just peaceful, even when the sun fights over the clouds.


6. Porthcurno

Experts argue that Porthcurno is probably the country’s most beautiful bay. The sand is fine, white and soft, the water is perfectly clear and blue, the encrusted granite cliffs are just beautiful, and it is easily accessible by foot. The view is just wow and there are other little beaches at a walking distance, so you can explore other views in a short walking distance.

7. Pently Bay – Isles of Scilly

Pently Bay is located in Tresco Islands, where your eyes will make you think you are somewhere tropical. To remind you that you are still in Britain will probably be the super-cold temperatures. Other than that, the bright view, made of white sand and emerald ocean will surely please your heart.

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8. Studland Bay – Dorset

Studland Bay is well appreciated by families. Unlike most of the beaches spread across the coasts of the peninsula, this Bay has that desert-island feel, thanks to the four miles of white sand and blue waters, surrounded by imponent dunes. Just amazing and relaxing as you read this, you would want to book yourself a day trip straight away.

9. Fidden- Isle of Mull

Located in the southern west, this isle has a detail that not many other spots have. It is surrounded mainly by rocks, but still leads to sandy beaches from a short walking distance. Its little islets are just lovely and are worth giving a go in swimming at least once in your life. An additional point that makes this place one of the most wanted are the stunning sunsets over the westerly views.

10. West wittering

West wittering beach is located in Sussex and is made of a particularly fine stretch of sand, clear water and a stunning view overlooking the Solent and Chichester harbour. This is a popular location for wind surfers and for tourists so don’t forget to plan your trip in advance, get there early to avoid the traffic and to get a parking spot.


Do you agree with our selection of dreamy beaches in the UK? Let us know in the comments section below!

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