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10 Things That Drastically Help Hormonal Acne

10 Things That Drastically Help Hormonal Acne

If you struggle with hormonal acne, you are absolutely not alone! If you're looking for some remedies for your acne, test out these ones!
Hormonal acne is no one’s friend, and suffering from it can be an absolute pain. Having hormonal acne is a long term battle with some days worse than other. Some days your skin can be so terrible you get so disheartened, but worry not there are things that you can still do to help hormonal acne. Sometimes it is just a matter of slightly tweaking your daily routine, and you will be able to drastically help your hormonal acne.

1. Maintain Hygiene

This sounds simple, and almost way too straightforward and obvious. But maintaining the hygiene of your skin will go a long way to keeping breakouts of hormonal acne to a minimum. Using a gentle, soothing face wash daily, and exfoliating once a week can really go a long way in clearing away the dust, sebum, and dirt that collects on your skin throughout the day. Exfoliating gently can also ensure the texture of your skin and appearance of pores is improved. But be sure to not scrub your delicate skin within an inch of its life, otherwise you’ll upset the pH and oil balance of your skin. A gentle cleanse is the way to go.

2.Remove Makeup Properly

Along the same vein of keeping your skin clean, removing your makeup properly goes a long way to making that happen. If you’re one to wear makeup, especially for long hours, removing it thoroughly from your face ensures that your breakouts are minimised. Even when you wipe your makeup off, there can still be traces of it lingering on your skin that needs to be cleansed. Make sure that you do not get lazy with this step, no matter how late you get home or how tired you might be.

3. Maca

You’ve probably heard the name of this superfood everywhere at this point, but something you probably didn’t know about it is its abilities to balance hormones. Adding this to your diet can go a long way to balance out your hormones and curb hormonal acne. Blending this in a smoothie, adding it to your oatmeal, or just adding some to a glass of water adds a sweet caramel undertone to whatever you are eating. This superb ingredient can go a long way to drastically helping your hormonal acne.

4. The Pill

Starting yourself on contraceptives is a well known way to regulate your hormones. If you really struggle with unbalanced hormones, irregular periods, and severe hormonal acne, this could be your solution. Oral contraceptives work to prevent pregnancies by altering your hormones and regulating them, so by the same nature it will be able to do the work of levelling out your hormones for you. Once your hormones are balanced and regulated, hormonal acne should be kept at bay as well. So if you suffer from severe hormonal acne and have literally tried everything, go to your GP and talk to them about starting the pill.

5. Probiotics

Introducing probiotics into your diet is a great way to clear out your digestive tract and get it moving healthily again. Chock full of good bacteria that will heal your gut, and rejuvenate your cells, probiotics can definitely drastically help hormonal acne. Removing toxins is a huge step to better skin, and less breakouts.

6. Stay Hydrated

Of course, this seems like the blandest advice, but drinking water absolutely goes a long way to improving the appearance of your skin. Incredibly vital for your skin, metabolism, and overall bodily hydration, this key ingredient is a must must must in your diet and daily routine. For all the inner workings of your body to function properly, this definitely is a must. Drinking the adequate amount of water daily will drastically help hormonal acne by improving your metabolism, and flushing out the toxins collected in the body. Not the mention, water will also help your skin look plump and supple.

7. Tweak Your Diet

Sometimes hormonal acne can be improved by tweaking your diet and cutting down on some foods. Most commonly, high dairy, sugar, and fat content food can be a big culprit of hormonal acne. Unhealthy processed junk food high in all three of those can do a lot of damage to the balance of the hormones in your body. To help your body regulate its hormones, stay away from those foods, or just indulge every now and then to keep your skin in tip top condition.

8. Your Skincare Routine

This step is sure to help you minimise your hormonal acne topically. Although seeing major improvements in hormonal acne ultimately relies on what goes on in your body, figuring out to help it out topically can also go miles. Taking your time to figure out your skin type, and what kind of products work and don’t work for you can be a long journey of trial and error. But once you find it, it can be great for your skin. As a general rule, try to stick to things that are gentle on the skin and are made with natural ingredients. Incorporating AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) can be a great way to improve acne prone skin.

9. Regular Sleep Schedule

We’ve all had those days where we’ve woken up from a bad night’s sleep with your skin looking like it belongs to a zombie’s. This is why keeping a regular, healthy sleep schedule can curb hormonal acne. Getting enough sleep and at the right hours allows your body to function properly, and allows it to correctly balance and regulate the hormones in your body. Not to mention, your complexion and overall texture and suppleness of your skin will improve if you are getting that beauty sleep (there’s a reason they call it that!).

10. Keep Your Hair Clean

This might sound like a crazy one that doesn’t make sense at all. But hear me out. Your hair builds oil over time, and if it’s long it probably ends up collecting a lot of dirt and grime out of the air around the environment. That’s why keeping your hair clean and sanitary can help with acne breakouts on your face. If your dirty hair always touches your face, the dirt and oil collected in it will rub off on your skin. So keep your hair up and keep it clean to keep your skin from breaking out!

Do you know any other things that help hormonal acne? Let us know in the comments below!

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