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6 Dos And Don’ts When You’re On A Night Out

6 Dos And Don’ts When You’re On A Night Out

Getting ready for a big night out with the girls? Check out our list of 6 dos and don'ts to have a great night on the town whilst staying safe!

A night out with your friends is a great opportunity to bond, make some memories, and most importantly, dance the night away. While a night on the town is a pretty straightforward affair, there are some golden rules you should follow to ensure everybody has a good time. Here are our 6 dos and don’ts when you’re on a night out!

1. Don’t mix your drinks

Mixing your drinks is a surefire way to leave you feeling pretty rough the next day. If you aren’t a fan of the throbbing head and dry throat in the morning, then it’s best to stick to one type of drink, and one type of drink only. Choose your beverage, and know your limit. The night will be so much better if you follow this golden rule.

6 Dos And Don'ts When You're On A Night Out

2. Do line your stomach before you go out

Lining your stomach with food will delay all the alcohol entering your system. So whether it’s a bowl of pasta or a cheeseburger, ensuring you have something to eat before your night out is so important. If you’re a lightweight, you’ll probably know that it only takes a couple of drinks on an empty stomach to get you pretty wasted.

The last thing your friends will want to be doing is picking their intoxicated friend up off the floor all night, so eat something before you leave the house. Oh, and drink a pint of water beforehand as well.

6 Dos And Don'ts When You're On A Night Out

3. Don’t drunk text your ex

Seriously. Don’t. Although it may be temping to send that ‘I miss you’ text after a few drinks, you and your ex won’t thank you for it, and I can guarantee you’ll be cringing in the morning if you do so. If you think you might be at risk of a drunk texting spree, give your phone to a trusted friend to keep an eye on for you.

6 Dos And Don'ts When You're On A Night Out

4. Do take lots of photographs

Memories are invaluable. There’s nothing better than going through your camera roll with your friends after a night out and reminiscing about all the antics and drama that went down. Make sure to snap a few pics of the night, but don’t spend the whole time on your phone. Nobody likes a bore.

6 Dos And Don'ts When You're On A Night Out

5. Don’t wear uncomfortable footwear

You’ve just bought a gorgeous new outfit for your night out, but the only shoes that go with it are the 6-inch stilettos that make your feet feel like they’re trapped in a guillotine. Don’t do it. It’s always better to dress smart and be comfy, or you’ll end up feeling totally miserable halfway through the night.

If the dress code is casual, definitely opt for an outfit you can pair with trainers or flats. They’re so much easier to move around in, and your feet won’t suffer the consequences. Or, if you really are a heels-or-nothing girl, invest in a pair of low chunky heels that go with everything. You could even take a pair of fold up flats along with you for when you want to change into something more comfortable. Whatever you do, stay away from the stilettos!

6 Dos And Don'ts When You're On A Night Out

6. Do make sure no one is left on their own

This is particularly important at the end of the night when everyone’s leaving to go home. Stick by your girls, and make sure no one is left by themselves at the bar or passed out in a toilet cubicle. Also ensure your phone is fully charged before the night out, so you can stay in contact with your pals easily.

6 Dos And Don'ts When You're On A Night Out

What are your dos and don’ts for a night out? Let us know in the comments!

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