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5 Dos And Don’ts When Applying To University

5 Dos And Don’ts When Applying To University

Applying to university can be incredibly stressful for most students. That being said, here is a list of some dos and don'ts for you to follow!

The process of applying to university can be daunting and from my experience of applying twice I think I have some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do!

Do: When applying to university look at courses before universities.

This may seem like an obvious one but trust me a lot of people (such as myself) make the mistake of looking and beautiful university campuses and falling in love with cities before deciding upon a course. The last thing you want is to find out that the university of your dreams doesn’t actually do your course.

5 Dos And Don'ts When Applying To University


Do: Make sure you are happy with your course and it is 100% your decision.

A lot of students pick courses because it’ll make their parents happy or because other people are doing it and trust me that is something you want to avoid. Choose the path you want to walk down, the career you will be happy doing for the rest of your life and what you enjoy studying. Don’t let anyone else control your happiness, it is a big decision and it is one you should decide in your heart first and foremost.

Do: Accept help from your tutors.

Ask questions if you are unsure, seek guidance if you can’t make up your mind. Do not underestimate the decision you are about to make.

Do: When applying to university check the student satisfaction rate.

It doesn’t seem like it means a lot but trust me reviews from other students are basically reviews on the latest gadget or book you want to buy. They are very important! In fact, find out if anyone you know, knows someone who attends the university you want to attend or studies the course you are thinking of studying. Get as many reviews and referrals as possible.


Do: Visit a few universities.

Take advantage of the open days and go see the cities and campuses of every university you are considering. Imagine yourself spending 3 years there, imagine exploring those towns and potentially living there.

5 Dos And Don'ts When Applying To University

Don’t: Put the application process off.

It is one of the most important applications you will ever fill out so do not wait until a week before the deadline to do it. Make sure you are doing your research as early on as possible. You do not want to be stuck a few days before the deadline and unsure of things on your application.


Don’t: Make decisions for the sake of it.

Be sure of everything and definitely do not go to university because everyone else is. There are so many other options to consider like getting a job, a placement, an internship etc.


Don’t: Leave off information on your application.

You may think it doesn’t matter or the university doesn’t need to know but trust me even the smallest detail can help your application look that little bit better and stand out more. This is the time and place to show them who you are and what you are capable off so make sure you do just that!

5 Dos And Don'ts When Applying To University

Don’t: Worry about perfecting your personal statement.

The first time I applied I worried about it so much I was never completely proud. I gave it to my tutor so many times to get improved and ended up just submitting it because I gave up. The second time around I submitted my first draft and I loved it! I spoke from the heart, didn’t try to overdo it with fancy words or weird layouts, I just wrote what came naturally and sent it off. Don’t overthink it when applying to university, just be yourself!


Don’t: Forget to relax.

I know it is a big decision and it can be pretty scary but don’t worry about it. Do your best and let the world take care of the rest. Focus on your studies, be excited for what the future can hold and don’t stress over things too much. It is a time in your life that the people around you make you feel nervous about and eager to impress but remember that it is your life at the end of the day. You are responsible for your own happiness, never let someone take that from you!

What are your tips for applying to university? Tell us in the comments!
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