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10 Dorm Rugs That Will Give Your Room Some Colour

10 Dorm Rugs That Will Give Your Room Some Colour

10 Dorm Rugs That Will Give Your Room Some Colour

Are you bored because of your simple dorm room? Why not give your room some colors by changing the dorm rugs? Here are 10 dorm rugs that you must have!

Faux Mongolian Rectangle Scatter Rug

If you want a cozy look and feel dorm room, then this Mongolian Rectangle Scatter dorm rug will definitely do the job. This is a multi-functional and chic rug that you can use to decorate your room and keep your feet warm. It is suitable to put next to your bed or coffee table.

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Grey Vintage Inspired Area Rug

Are you into vintage style and want to decorate your room in the same style? These vintage-inspired dorm rugs will definitely change the way your dorm look. With the pop color and the vintage look, this is the dorm rug you must have to own a remarkable decoration piece.

Let’s change the dorm look!


Diamond Shag Jute Rug

“Diamond is a girl’s best friend”. If you’re looking for some decorated and functional piece and you have been saving up money, then this diamond dorm rug should be one of your choices to spice up that boho look room! With the softness and well design, this rug is everything!

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Microfiber Dorm Rug

If you’re the one who’s into minimalism, then this microfiber dorm rug is one of the choices for you. With the anti-slip bottom, vacuum friendly and especially: machine washable, this dorm rug is designed for you!



If you’re looking for some clean style, this dorm rug will be the top choice for you. It is described in the product information as “durable, stain resistant and easy to care”. Moreover, the soft surface of this rug will definitely be one of your favorite features. It’s only now 69$ instead of 99$, grab yourself this dorm rug right now!

Carpet Luxury Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rugs

If you’re like me and you love luxury soft rug then you must put this rug in your cart right away! What is the better way to earn extra comfortable and warming to your loving dorm room than this super soft rug? This rug is not only in white, but there are also plenty of colors for you to choose as well: black, brown, grey.


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Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Premium Rug Quattro

This rug will be the perfect rug for any animal lover out there since this is an animal-friendly alternative. With the composition of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester, this faux sheepskin is super soft, incredibly warm in winter and cool in summer. Very suitable to use and decorate not just only in your dorm room.

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Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Premium Rug Duo

If you’re looking for something small for your dorm rug then this dorm rug will be the perfect choice as it’s not perfect in size but also perfect in feelings. With many positive recommendations on Amazon, this dorm rug is worth considerable!

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YOH Fluffy Pink Area Rugs for Bedroom Girls Rooms Kids Rooms Nursery Decor Mats

To all of our pink lover out there, we found our essential accessory! Even though this rug is described as “kids rooms nursery decor mats”, but I mean, why not turning it into a dorm rug? Let’s put some color to your dorm with this super cute pinky mat?

Nourison Celestial (CES02) Modern Abstract Area Rug

If you really want to put some colors in your dorm room and make it your unique space, I strongly recommend some abstract mat for you as your dorm rug. Have a look at this Nourison Celestial Modern Abstract Area Rug for example, isn’t it colorful and unique? You definitely can find a similar style with the keyword “abstract rug”.


What are you still waiting for? Let’s change your dorm’s look with these absolutely amazing dorm rugs! Let’s us know what you think in the comment box below!

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