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10 Dorm Cleaning Tips That Will Have Your Room Spotless

10 Dorm Cleaning Tips That Will Have Your Room Spotless

10 Dorm Cleaning Tips That Will Have Your Room Spotless

Leaving your home to go to university is a big step and a massive change. It’s time for you to begin to learn how to handle everyday living with a bit of independence! No more ringing your parents to see what’s for dinner. No one there to tidy up after you but yourself. It’s time to get a daily routine going, so as you don’t end up having to attempt an obstacle course every time you enter and exit your room! And lets be honest, nobody wants to have to deal with their parents’ breakdowns when they come to visit! Here are the ultimate dorm cleaning tips that will keep your room looking spotless throughout your time at uni!

1. Make A Weekly Cleaning Rota

By creating a simple little checklist, you can keep your dorm on top form every week! Just think, you can hoover on Monday, polish and dust on Tuesday, take the day off Wednesday, do the washing Thursday, etc, etc! But make sure you work your cleaning rota around your uni timetable so as you have enough time to do both, and if you only want to do a little bit a day, that is totally fine!


2. Always Have A Wash And Wear Bed Set

There is nothing worse than not washing your bed sheets regularly. I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed after a long day! By having a wash and wear bed set, as soon as one goes in the wash, the other bed set can be put straight to use! This not only saves you from sleeping in an unmade bed, but keeps your room looking on point, always!

3. Make Your Bed And Draw Your Curtains As Soon As You Get Up

The most simple yet effective dorm cleaning tip that will make your room look 10x less messy! As your bed is one of the main pieces of furniture in your room, just by making your bed, your room will look extra neat and more welcoming! It may also give you that extra motivation to tidy around it! By opening your curtains and allowing the sunlight to stream in will also make your room look crisp and fresh.


4. Make Sure All Of Your Belongings Have Their Own Home!

By making sure all of your belongings have their own home, it means less items will be thrown around onto your bed, the floor and of course the ‘dumping’ chair that everyone seems to have in their room! Just make sure after using something, to put it back! This simple little dorm cleaning tip proves to be very effective in keeping your room looking spotless!

5. Empty Your Bin Regularly

We are all guilty of filling our bins with empty drinks bottles, wipes, snack wrappers, paper, whatever we seem to throw in our bin, and letting it overflow. By emptying your bin regularly, it will save you from the added piles of rubbish you seem to grow at the side of your bin too! It’s easy to throw away rubbish if you have an empty bin, so make sure you keep on emptying and don’t let it all add up!


6. Hoover And Dust Accordingly

Keeping on top of your hoovering and dusting will go a long way into keeping that room clean and crisp. No bits on the floor not only means you can walk around freely and bare footed without having to worry about standing on yesterdays toast crumbs or paper clips you’ve been trying to find. It means that your room will look a whole lot cleaner and smell a whole lot better! If you keep up to date with your dusting, it will also keep those furniture tops clean and smooth, and may also stop you from sneezing!

7. Tidy As You Go Along

You’ve been busy doing all your uni assignments, there’s multiple books involved, wads of paper, pens, pencils, the lot. The answer is easy, as soon as you’ve finished with one book, put it away! The same as with anything else! Take this as one of the most important dorm cleaning tips. If you notice you’ve spilled your drink, your furniture tops have built up dust, get rid of it and clean it up there and then! That way, you only have to do little bits as you’re tidying as you go along!

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8. Avoid The “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” Fib We All Tell Ourselves

Oh come on, we all say it! You look at your mess on the floor and all over the sides and think “oh, that’s a lot of effort, I’ll do that tomorrow.” But that never happens. It gets left for days! Just get it over and done with. Even if your room isn’t that messy and you’ve got just a few things sprawled out and about, don’t leave it, and clean it up! The “I’ll do it tomorrow” fib is the biggest lead to a messy room.

9. Always Have Wipes At Hand

There’s nothing worse than when you spill a drink and you’re left with a sticky stain on your floor, rug, furniture tops, or even on your bed. All you have to do is wipe and throw away! This is one of the most easy, practical and worthwhile dorm cleaning tips that will defo help you out!


10. Make The Most Of Storage Space!

It’s all about organisation. The more you have put away, the more spotless your room will look! So make the most of that storage space and keep things hidden for that cleaner looking room that will make your parents proud and your fellow flat mates jealous! Don’t forget to share these dorm cleaning tips with your flatmates to keep on top of the communal areas!

Have you got any more dorm cleaning tips that will help keep your room looking spotless? Let us know in the comments below!

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