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Do We Consider Our Partners Enough In Relationships?

Do We Consider Our Partners Enough In Relationships?

Partners are our everything. Do we consider our partners enough in relationships? This is a short guide with a positive message on supporting relationships.

In some relationships the word ‘we’ is said so many times when talking to others about our relationships. But how many times do you think the word is used when talking to our partners? When our other half has acted in a way we are not the most fond of; we tend to use ‘I’ or ‘You’. “I’m not happy about that” or “Why haven’t you done that?” but have we ever considered that we should also listen to their ‘I”s a little more.


We are all guilty of expecting small, spontaneous gifts at some point in our lives, like flowers or an accessory or maybe even a nice car; depending on your partners financial status. But doesn’t that lead us to ponder on how often we consider buying them a small, voluntary gift. Some of us believe we already do enough, right? Cooking, cleaning, interior design. But surely the thrill of seeing our partners faces light up after receiving an amazing gift, gives both some satisfaction. It could even be something they may have had on their wish list or something a little more adventurous like go-karting or a theme park. What ever it is, one thing we are all guilty of – is wanting to see our partners happy.

Do We Consider Our Partners Enough In Relationships?

The Perfect Partner

We all have ideas of what we want in a partner. For example, we might want them to feel less insecure about themselves or the relationship. Maybe what we could try to do, is work on how to help or encourage them to feel more secure within the relationship. What is it we are doing that makes them feel insecure? Try to consider their feelings and work as a team, let’s not just want and hope that they know to pick up a signal. This could create tension and resentment in our relationships and nobody wants for that. Let’s prioritise support and make it key in our relationships. It could be that you’re worried your partner may be eating unhealthily or not exercising enough. Maybe try to inspire and motivate them by participating in eating more healthier foods or partaking in yoga or swimming together. Possibly suggesting a walk of an evening might elevate their spirits and keep both individuals in the relationship refreshed. Anything we can do to consider our partners makes us the perfect partner, for them.

Do We Consider Our Partners Enough In Relationships?

Life Goals

We all imagine ourselves in our couples experiencing the most astounding things life has to offer. For some of us, it is marriage and children, for other it’s becoming homeowners or landlords. It could even be to leave your native country for a while and travel the world, secure working visas and experience different cultures. Or what about starting a business together and building a platform. Whatever it is that we want for our relationships we should always make sure we consider our significant other, the way we would expect for them to consider us. After all, if it is marriage we’re hoping for in the future, then we might want to practise consideration a lot sooner rather than later.

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So, it may not have to be flowers or any accessories but it could be our partners favourite Krispy Kreme’s or making a reservation at their favourite restaurant. Even just taking them to see an amazing new film would be a pleasant way to show appreciation and connect with our loved ones. Something small yet thoughtful. No matter what it is, from travel to support with health and wellbeing. Wouldn’t it be nice not to question whether we consider our partners enough in relationships?

Do We Consider Our Partners Enough In Relationships?

Make sure we consider our partners in relationships by going above and beyond to make them happy. If you have any ideas on how to consider our partners, let us know in the comments.

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