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20 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts To Make For Your Special Someone

20 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts To Make For Your Special Someone

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DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are the perfect thing to get someone you love. Sometimes, you just want to show how much you care about someone and making your own gifts is the perfect way to do this. Here are 20 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to make for someone you love.

1. Treats in a box

Whether its their favourite sweets or favourite drink, put all their favourite treats in a box for them to enjoy.

2. Message peg

Who says DIY Valentine’s Day gifts have to be hard to make? Grab an old wooden peg, some paper and some permanent marker pens and you’re good to go.


3. Map Roses

Instead of going out to buy roses, why not make them. Plus they’ll be able to last a lot longer so you your loved one can keep them round the house all year round.

4. Love notes in a Jar

Write down every special thing about them and all the memories you have together and put them in a jar.


5. Date Jar

All the date ideas that you’ve always wanted to try, why not put them in a jar? You can use ice cream sticks or post it notes too.

6. Framed photo

Have a special picture of both you and your loved one, why not frame it?

7. Seven days of love

Grab a pill box and add a message and some sweet treats to each box.


8. Love Mug

Why not draw and personalise a mug? It doesn’t have to have a bunch of love hearts, why not add a funny or memorable quote?

9. Sock bouquet

For someone who needs more socks, why not give it to them in the style of Valentine’s day by turning them into flowers?


10. Knitted scarf

Its a great gift to make to keep your special someone warm during Valentine’s day, plus it gives you the chance to learn or improve on a new skill.


11. Scrapbook

If you’ve been together for a while, why not make a scrapbook full of all the memories that you have made together?

12. Love letters

Yes, its old fashioned but its such a beautiful gift to show how much you love your special someone.

13. Bath bombs

If your loved one loves baths, why not make them a bath bomb to help them relax after a long day.


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14. Love coupons

DIY Valentines gifts have never been easier! Why not treat them to special coupons to the things that they love?


15. Treasure chest full of love

If you like the idea of putting treats in a box, why not put in something different? Filled with all of their favourite things, from photos to their favourite treats, all the reasons why you love them.

16. Photo box

When you just want you loved one to remember all the special moments you had together.


17. Ticket box frame

Fill all of your memories in this special box so you can hang it in the house and be reminded of all those special moments.

18. Post its on the mirror

Put all the reasons why you love them onto the bathroom mirror so they are reminded of these lovely things each day.


19. Special Places Photo Frame

Why not frame the places where you first met in a frame?

20. Photo board

Instead of just one photo, why not make a board where you can add any photos to it as the years go by?

Hopefully, by making some DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, you’ll be able to celebrate Valentine’s day in style. Have any DIY Valentines gift ideas that you want to share, comment below.
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