8 DIY Tricks To Elevate Your Bedroom

8 DIY Tricks To Elevate Your Bedroom

Redecorating can be a once-in-a-while chance to let your inner interior designer run free; to be as creative as you dare and to restore some happiness to a room that needs it. If you’ve finally reached the time for redecorating your room, then the excitement can be immense.

However, money can be a big problem, and if you don’t have a lot of it then you might feel a bit restricted. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Although there are some things only money can buy, DIY-ing your haven can be the best way to revitalise a room without blowing your budget. With these 8 DIY tricks to elevate your bedroom, you’ll satisfy your inner interior designer in no time.

8 DIY Tricks To Elevate Your Bedroom

1. Photo walls

Collages are a fantastic way to keep treasured memories safe and sound forever. If you’ve got photos that you don’t want to hide away in a folder, then bring them out and make them a feature point of your room!

Find a surface that hasn’t yet been covered – such as the side of a desk or a plain wall with most of it covered by furniture – and stick your photos on it. It’s up to you (or your landlord) whether you pin them, BluTack them, or make them removable. But don’t put them where the sun will fade the photos, and make sure they don’t curl and ruin the effect by getting them laminated or printed on glossy paper.

2. Make your own prints

You don’t have to spend lots of money by going on Etsy and Redbubble or trawling through high street shops, searching for classy-looking prints such as a picture of brushstrokes that looks good on a Pinterest board. Sometimes you want things much more personal. Song lyrics and pictures of good times, good memories.

This can be achieved, and pretty cheaply too. If you’re a dab hand at carpentry, then using any wood you’ve got lying about, you can DIY a picture frame for you to hang up on the wall. If not, then any store-bought photo frame will be fine.

The pictures to go in them are really up to you. Printing out something personal only requires a printer – and an idea you can bring to life through the powers of PowerPoint, an editing software such as Adobe Spark, or even asking a loved one. Pretty cheap, and you’ll be super pleased by the end result too!

8 DIY Tricks To Elevate Your Bedroom

3. Keep your old clothes

Making the new out of the old is one of the most effective ways to keep our waste down, and this couldn’t be truer of old clothes.

Give your room a feeling of being well-loved, and bring out old clothes that otherwise would have been destined for the bin. If you or anyone you know is good with a needle and thread, then why not re-purpose the material of your clothes into something else?

Either stick to your bedroom’s theme, or go for a kitsch feel. Having different colours of clothes to be used into a cushion, pillowcase, etc can make your room feel extra you – after all, you’ll know that these are clothes you used to wear!

4. Old books made new

Still hanging onto a load of books you don’t read anymore? Got any old novels that you don’t want in your room?

Literature isn’t just a form of art – it can be made into literal art too! Why not use the inside pages as a wall covering? Glue them together and make sure any corners are pressed firmly down so they don’t curl up. Then decorate any surface with the paper you’ve got together, and you’ll have an aesthetically cool room to be proud of.

8 DIY Tricks To Elevate Your Bedroom

5. Paper decorations

Paper is another way to be environmentally-friendly – and be a little unique at the same time.

Every bedroom decor article going will talk about fairy lights. And while, yes, they’re a good way to decorate a room, they tend to blend in with the wall come daylight. Paper decorations, such as the increasingly popular paper balloons, will look great in the day too – and they allow you to get physical with the redecoration of your space!

6. Wonderful wooden storage

Getting rid of storage can be particularly wasteful as, quite often, they haven’t outlived their usefulness – just the trends of the time. And even if they’re no longer useful for their original purpose, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used again for something else.

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Wooden crates are a great example of this. If they’re no longer being used, then employ a little elbow grease and secure them together. You’ll get a storage contraption out of it with an industrial/natural look that always fits right in to whichever room it stands in, too!

8 DIY Tricks To Elevate Your Bedroom

7. Reuse your wardrobes

Wardrobes don’t have to be gotten rid of all the time. If you’re not dismantling them for the quality wood that you can use for something else, then they can be given a new lease of life. Get rid of the wardrobe’s legs and lay it on its side.

This new storage solution can be used as an open drawer, or storage for larger knick-knacks that need somewhere to go. Neat and eco-conscious!

8. Bring nature into your room

You’ve probably already got house plants around the area, adding a little pop of green to the place and giving you a mood boost. But that doesn’t have to be the only bit of nature.

Nature is a fantastic source of inspiration for a great many things, interior design included. Making something natural the standout piece of your room will elevate it to another level, and give you the credentials of being a proper artsy designer. One cool example is to buy fake flowers with long stems and hang them on the area of wall your bed rests up against. That, for sure, will make for some great selfies.

8 DIY Tricks To Elevate Your Bedroom


How have you improved your room with DIY? Share your tips in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/PZxFRI4TPl0
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