DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

Seeking some fun and easy ways to spruce up your bedroom on a budget? Look no further than these eight DIY projects to beautify your room.

DIY projects – for the crafty, and the poor. If (like me) you’re both, you’re going to love these DIY projects to beautify your bedroom. Spend a crafternoon with friends trying your hand at some of these artsy tutorials for a completely customised bedroom makeover on a budget. 

1. Flower Mirror

This flower mirror makes for an easy peasy do-it-yourself to bring some gorgeous florals into your room, no matter the season. Jenny took an old mirror and fixed some fake flowers to the border with a hot glue gun for this beautiful upgrade that will brighten up any bedroom. You can mix and match your flowers for a hit of colour, or stick with one hue for a colour coordinated feature that would put the Masters of Flip to shame.

DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

2. Round Hanging Shelf

In six simple steps, you can have your very own DIY round hanging shelf just like this one from A Pair and A Spare. A decommissioned dim sum steamer makes for the perfect frame, with a piece of brightly coloured rope, a piece of plywood, and some wire completing the look. Once you have your basic shelf you can either leave it bare for a cool rustic feel, or add some paint to brighten it up.

DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

3. Gradient Flower Vase

All you need for this beautiful DIY from A Kailo Chic Life is a glass vase and 3-4 colours of matte spray paint. Fill with fake or fresh flowers, and make a couple at a time to give away as personalised gifts that your friends are sure to love. Thoughtful and thrifty? Winning!

DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

4. Glam Bookends

These gorgeous glam bookends from Refinery29 are sure to spruce up a boring bookshelf. Buy some rocks from your local building supply store (or if you’re really thrifty, go for a walk and find some that you like out in nature) and hit them with some spray paint for a super easy, super glam DIY. Go for gold like in this tutorial, or mix a few different colours for a totally customised ombre effect. Rock on!

DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

5. Blooming Monogram

Decorative block letters had a huge moment a few years ago – bring them back into vogue with this blooming monogram DIY from Lulu’ Decorate the letters of your name for a coolly unique piece of art (much like your sweet self).

DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

6. Reupholstered Ottoman

One of the best parts of creating your own DIY projects is the hunt for those unloved pieces of furniture waiting for a new life. Turn an outdated op-shop ottoman into a cool statement piece with a few materials and this tutorial from Brit + Co. Disassembling the ottoman means you can hide some storage space inside, making for a multipurpose piece of modern furniture for a fraction of the price.

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DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

7. DIY Tassel Rug

Rugs are a fab way to pull together an otherwise mismatched space, but they can start to become a little pricey when trying to find something in line with your personal style. Take a cheap grey rug and sew your own tassels along opposite edges for an instant upgrade. You can make your own tassels for a truly DIY touch as seen on Fall for DIY , or else buy them in bulk for a stylish bespoke rug on a budget.

DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

8. Wire Basket Side Table

This cool, customised wire basket side table takes less than 30 minutes to put together for a totally unique piece of furniture with minimal effort. Spray paint a wire basket with your favourite statement colour like Gina has done, and fasten a round wood panel to the top (or bottom, depending on how you look at it) for a funky statement piece for you to store your new blooming monogram, gradient flower vase, or decorated mirror.

DIY Projects To Beautify Your Room

Which of these DIY projects is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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