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8 DIY Ideas To Liven Up Your Bedroom

8 DIY Ideas To Liven Up Your Bedroom

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home, a new dorm room, back home for the holidays or other and you’re growing bored of the dull walls and outdated decor. You want to redecorate, but on a budget or by yourself. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are eight DIY ideas you can use to make your bedroom lively and fun!

1. Vintage Book Planter

The phrase ‘growing books’ never meant as much as it does right now. And nothing screams aesthetic like beautiful, leather-bound vintage books. Even more so when you can start growing your plants from right inside a little book!

In this ever-so-cute DIY from HGTV, you can make some old books really grow. So, make a trip to your local antique market, second-hand bookshop or opportunity shop and find yourself some cute vintage books!


DIY Vintage Book Planter

2. Neon Light Sign

To fit with the current vintage theme that’s so popular these days, try out this very ’80s-Esque neon light DIY decor. Why travel out to a cool ’80s-themed bar or restaurant just to take a picture with your favourite quote when you can make one yourself and have it hanging up in your own room?

This DIY from blogger At Home with Ashley is a great project that’s relatively simple and can be put to great use after it’s completion. It’s a great backdrop for all your selfies and portraits you may want to take!


DIY Neon Light Sign

3. The Hanging Notepad

Now this one is a little different, and probably not what you thought of when it comes to note-taking. But we spend so much of our time sitting at our desks writing, studying and working that sometimes we forget to stand up and give our legs a stretch.

This hanging notepad DIY project from Kate Pruitt is a great way to eliminate those endless hours sitting at your desk. With this hanging notepad, you can start writing up notes while standing up when you need it.


DIY Hanging Notepad

4. Floating Clothing Rack

If you’re slowly realising you’ve got less and less space to juggle with all your clothing and coats, this floating copper clothes rack to solve some of your storage problems.

This floating DIY from love-aesthetic is a perfect way to add some extra modern finishes to your bedroom to give it a sleek look.


DIY Floating Clothing Rack

5. Washi Tape Vases

If you want some vases to help bring some colour and vibrancy into your room, but not just with the help of flowers, these washi tape vases are a great idea.

This vase DIY from A Creative Mint makes it easy to colourise your room. Simply by spray painting some old bottles and jars white and decorating them with your favourite washi tape selections, these vases are a great way to bring some pattern into your bedroom.


DIY Washi Tape Vases

6. Amethyst Mirror

If you don’t already have a mirror in your room, or you’re looking for a cute DIY mirror project that could bring some colour and shine to your bedroom, then look no further.

This DIY amethyst mirror from Design Love Fest is a perfect way to bring some shine to your bedroom. With the beautiful clean lines and bright popping colour of purple, you’ll enjoy checking your appearance in the mirror!

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DIY Amethyst Mirror

7. Flower Letters

Now, if the neon sign wasn’t exactly your style, then maybe try out these flower letters on for size. These are great for kids, teens and adults alike, and a great way to bring some extra pops of colour into the room!


This Flower Letter DIY from Sincerely Katerina is a great project if you want to spell out a name, a phrase, a quote or anything in between to add to your room. And all you need is some big block letters, fake flowers, and a hot glue gun!

DIY Flower Letters

8. Hanging Table

If you liked the hanging clothing rack, you’ll like this hanging table idea even more. The ability to hang something in your bedroom brings a bit of flair to the room. It can give a creative look to your room and it’s fun to make!


With this DIY from The Merry Thought, you can place the current book you’re reading, that little decoration piece or a small plant upon this hanging table and have fun with it.

DIY Hanging Table

Did you try out any of these DIY projects for your bedroom? If you did, please let us know in the comments and share photos of your finished products! We’d love to see them.

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