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8 DIY Ideas For Your Garden This Summer

8 DIY Ideas For Your Garden This Summer

During summer we love to spend our time in the garden and enjoy the beautiful clear skies, hear and see the birds chirping and soak up the hot sun and get a beautiful tan. So why not try these eight DIY ideas to get your garden summer-ready.

1. Paint the Fences

The best way to start summer is to bring out the colors in your garden. You can start out by renewing the paint on your fences. During the wet winter months, your fence undergoes a lot of stress.

From being battered by high winds and being constantly moist to getting discolored by the snow and rain. Re-painting it will bring it back to life for the summer by adding color to your garden and also make it ready for the next winter.


2. Make a Garden Path

Walking on the grass, especially to get to the outhouse, if you have one, can lead to dead patches on the frequently walked path. Instead of creating dead patches, build a walking path. It can be built with a wood or with stones. Choose the one which matches your garden theme. It’s sure to add more character to your garden, besides protecting the grass.


3. Add a Water Feature

Who doesn’t like to hear the sound of a stream flowing? Well, you can get this in your backyard too. In a corner of your garden, you can create a Zen zone, where you can add a water feature. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

All you need are some stones, a big pot, a submersible pump, and a power source. Once you create your water feature, you can then surround it with plants. I’m sure you will be sitting around this area reading a book all summer long.


4.Plant Flowering Plants

Who would not love to wake up to the view of beautiful flowers blooming in your garden? You can plant all your favorite flowers or seasonal flowers, it is all your choice. You can color co-coordinate by potting flowers of the same colors or just pot plants of varied colors.

5. Build a Barbeque Place

It’s the season of barbeques. Why not build a permanent barbeque place out of bricks. This prevents the hassle of having to drag your barbeque equipment from the shed onto the deck every time you want to have a barbeque.


You can have this permanent place dedicated to barbeques. When building one, you can also build it to the size you want – so that you can cook all your meats at once, rather than having to cook them in batches.

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6. Add Some Lights

Although the days are long in summer, with the lovely weather, you might want to stay out a bit longer past sunset. You could add some dim lights to add the atmosphere. These can be solar-powered or directly from the mains supply.

If you have a deck already built, you can surround it with these lights in the right places. You will definitely want to relax outside way past sunset.


7. Elegant Garden Furniture

You can buy or refurbish your old furniture into elegant garden furniture. It will not only add style to your garden but will also showcase your taste and personality. You can also choose a comfy outdoor sofa or a garden bench.

8. Hang a Hammock

Sounds awesome, isn’t it? Imagine gently swaying on a warm summer afternoon, reading your favorite book or maybe just having a short nap. It adds a cool and cozy ambiance to your garden.


Have you worked on any of the above DIY ideas for your garden this summer? Tell us your favourites in the comments!

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