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10 DIY Home Decor Pieces You’ll Fall In Love With

10 DIY Home Decor Pieces You’ll Fall In Love With

Are you after some original and creative DIY home decor pieces? These ideas are to die for!

Home decor has to be one of my favourite things! I especially love DIY home decor. Creating your own decor is so rewarding because you get the satisfaction from doing it yourself and making it the exact way you want it. You can choose which decor pieces suit your vision and your unique style. Here are 10 DIY home decor pieces I’m sure you’ll fall in love with!

1. Book Planter

This DIY home decor piece is so creative, artsy and easy to do! Just grab an old book (I prefer vintage looking ones but that’s personal preference), cut out the pages and pop a plant inside the space. Choose a plant that requires minimal water, like a succulent, or use a fake plant.

2. Polaroid Wall

This is one of my favourite DIY home decor ideas! Choose Polaroid shots with rich, bright colours to really make it stand out. Make sure to include candid shots from vacations and beach trips. Create your very own Instagram feed on your wall!


3. Bamboo Orb Lights

Make these original lanterns out of bamboo strips for your bedroom, lounge or study. Lock a light bulb into your bamboo orb and secure your lantern to the ceiling using sturdy hooks. How amazing is this DIY home decor piece!

4. Glow Jar

This DIY home decor piece looks so magical. All you need is a mason jar and some fairy lights. That’s it! So inexpensive and it looks absolutely gorgeous and whimsical.

5. Geometric Wall Art

You don’t have to be an artist to create some cool geometric DIY wall art. This DIY home decor piece is so simple and will make any room in your house look trendy AF!


6. Starburst Mirror

This DIY starburst mirror is super budget-friendly and looks totally modern! All you’ll need to make this DIY mirror is a round mirror, some bamboo sticks, coloured spray paint like copper or gold (optional) and a hot glue gun. Watch this tutorial to see how you can make your very own starburst mirror. Love!

7. Hanging Rope Shelf

Try out this minimalist, boho-inspired DIY hanging rope shelf! Super creative and easy to do, the only things you’ll need to make one of these bad boys is some rope, hooks and a few planks of wood. This is another super inexpensive DIY piece!

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8. Macrame Wall Hanging

If you’re into bohemian home decor, you will fall in love with this awesome DIY piece! It can be a little tricky depending on what design you want, but I found this tutorial super helpful for a total beginner like me! The materials for this DIY home decor piece are super inexpensive and the possibilities for macrame/macra-weave are endless, so start practising today!

9. Pom Pom Basket

Make this adorable DIY home decor piece to help keep your house tidy! Store your throw blankets, cushions, kids toys, whatever you can think of in these super creative and cute pom pom baskets. Hey, they can even double as laundry baskets. All your house guests will wonder where you got these handy pom pom bins from! Find out how to create your own with this helpful tutorial by Sugar and Cloth.

10. Glitter Mason Jar Holders

Add a little flair to your home with these glitter mason jar holders. You can use these to store your makeup brushes, paint brushes, pens or to display your flowers as a centrepiece. You can use these holders for so many things! This tutorial will help you make your very own DIY glitter mason jar holders.


Let us know which DIY home decor pieces you’re going to create in the comments section below!

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