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8 DIY Gifts To Give To Your Partner

8 DIY Gifts To Give To Your Partner

Tired of buying flowers and chocolates for your loved one? We got you covered! Try these DIY gifts to show your partner how much you care.

Getting a gift to give to your partner can be difficult. Sometimes the perfect presents are too expensive, and sometimes your loved one’s interests are too specific. All of your effort ends up being wasted on a gift you have already given. But you can find the light at the end of the tunnel by making your partner DIY gifts, and show your love for them without breaking the bank.

1. Pressed flowers

Don’t throw away the roses just yet! Keeping a memento from a special day can be a way to keep the memory forever, and there is no better way to do this than to press the flowers you get from your partner.

They may not think much of it at the time, but by pressing a flower and keeping them together in a designated book, you can surprise them much later with a heartfelt DIY gift stuffed full of your favourite days.


2. Jar of love

All you need for this DIY gift is an empty jar, a pen and pieces of paper. Writing as many messages as desired about how much you love your partner will be a treat for you as much as it will be for them, as you’ll both get to enjoy reminiscing over memories and intensify your loving thoughts.

This is a gift that lasts, too, as they can dip in and out of the jar whenever they want. A popular love jar trend is to write a message for every day of the year, or you could focus this gift on giving reassuring messages.


3. CD/mixtape

Many couples have their ‘song’, and you might be no different; there might also be certain songs that remind you of your partner. Making playlists on Spotify is the new romantic gesture for a new age, but your partner might appreciate the old-school nostalgia of having a physical music player. However you make your DIY gift, let the music do the talking!

4. Love tickets

Instead of giving them a one-off gift, you can really show your appreciation for their continued support by putting your actions in their hands – quite literally. A book of printed-off love tickets that describes the type of affection they want you to show can be a great way to show your gratitude for their place in your life.

5. DIY spa day

The best gifts are the ones that come at the right time. Spa days can be expensive, but it might be exactly what your partner needs to cool off and escape the stresses of daily life. Instead of throwing money at a costly spa, you can make your gift an experience: treat them, administer massages, run baths and apply face masks. If you want to make it even more hands-on, you can even make the spa scrubs yourself, or make it with your partner if they enjoy it too.


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6. Scrabble art

If you and your partner are fans of board games, making your Scrabble art might be especially appreciated! The individual letters of the Scrabble game make an aesthetically-pleasing design that you can frame and present to your partner. Your choice of words can make this DIY gift extra personal.


7. Gift basket

Buying presents for partners who don’t enjoy the classic romantic gifts can be hard, so tailoring your DIY gift to their interests can save your night. These don’t have to be big presents: little gifts like their favourite sweets or small makeup products can make up a bigger gift basket that will mean even more than a bunch of flowers.

8. Special maps

There are always places and events that are close to our hearts because of the time we spent with our partners there. While photos can be lost in the blur of photo albums, framing a physical representation of the loved memory can make it feel more relevant. Finding a paper map of the places you’ve travelled, cutting them out and putting them in a frame can be a great way to relive memories and preserve them for the both of you to reminisce.


What DIY gifts have you given to your partner? Let me know in the comments below!

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