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5 DIY Face Masks As A Struggling College Student

5 DIY Face Masks As A Struggling College Student

As a struggling college student, it's hard to afford so much skincare but we all know we need it. These top 5 DIY face masks will be your must haves!

As a struggling college student, it’s hard to afford the skincare routines that we need. And what if you need to perfect your skin last minute before a date or event? No one has time to run out and grab a face mask. With these top 5 DIY face masks, you’ll be saving money and time! These will be your must-haves this season. Use them simply or mix them up. There’s definitely something here to help you.

Note, make sure to always spot test ingredients on your skin first before trying it out completely! Mix up some of these ingredients or search for a face mask with them for the best results!

1. Raw Honey

Honey is a great natural product to incorporate into a DIY face mask. Honey as an ingredient helps balance your skin, clearing acne, healing scars and improving the overall health. It clears acne and scars by pushing for the growth of new skin, acting to fasten the skin turnover rate for newer skin sooner. Just make sure you’re buying the right honey for your skin! Typical store bought honey is often oversaturated with additives or extra ingredients that might counter the effect of its natural benefits! Try out some of these honey DIY face masks!


2. Avocado

Avocado is absolutely the best super fruit, good for inside and out! With all the antioxidants, avocado is great for reducing wrinkles- a must with all the stress you get as a student. Surprisingly, with all the natural oils in it, it can also decrease oily skin and control acne. With omega-3 fatty acids, avocado can also moisturise your face! All the vitamins help to reduce inflammation, especially if you have particularly sensitive skin. Some of our favourite ways to use avocado as DIY face masks can be found here!

3. Banana

It may sound slimy but bananas are packed with magic as a DIY face mask! It may sound weird to grab a banana to slap onto your face, but the banana will act to cleanse your face of any bad demons causing acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and UV damage. So get over it! It’s truly a fruit to turn back time. If the previous ingredients didn’t match well with you, surely banana face masks like these will!

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4. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal DIY face masks are definitely the simplest on this list as a two-ingredient instant magic maker. You can easily buy activated charcoal from any supermarket and simply mix with water to use right then and there! Activated charcoal takes out all the bad bacteria in your pores for a smoother appearance. With clean and clear pores, it can look like you almost have no pores at all with a plump and fresh surface!

5. Egg Whites

Yes, egg whites, and just that! Say goodbye to the yolk and say hello to egg whites as your new favourite part of the egg. Egg whites are another natural pore detoxer and assist with overall clearer skin. With smaller pores, you can reduce the likelihood of oils entering the skin and prevent future pimples! Because it is a sticky substance, you can place a tissue on top of the egg white on your nose and use it as a gentle exfoliating strip to get rid of blackheads!

Mix them up or use them alone, these DIY face mask ingredients are sure to work magic! Are you surprised by any of these simple fixes? Considering trying any? Let us know in the comments!

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