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10 DIY Dorm Ideas For The Upcoming College Semester

10 DIY Dorm Ideas For The Upcoming College Semester

Making the move into your new dorm room is crucial for leading a healthy college life: these DIY dorm ideas will make you feel at home!

It’s an exciting time moving to college! It can be tough transition being a student living away from home – so why not make the extra step in creating that home away from home? If you’re about to start the semester, then do it in a blaze!

1. Dorm Hammock

Beat the stress of study by chucking on some tunes and kicking your heels up in a relaxing hammock. The design alone can add a great casual, chill vibe throughout the space, and in end the budget comes down to what you pay for the cloth.


2. Step-design Cabinet

Try switching up your conventional drawer while also making it apart of the bedding. A step-design cabinet will have you ascending up into bed like a king or queen. What better way to crash after a long night of revision? A number of basic instructionals and designs can be found online.

3. PVC pip shoe rack

So you collect a few shoes? Our DIY dorm ideas will have you saving essential cupboard space as well as cash! This low-cost shoe rack will ensure footwear is kept neat, organised, and in arms reach as you make your way to that next lecture. Start the rack with a few tubes then build on as the shoe collection grows!

4. Tyre Ottoman

You can never get enough storage space in a dorm room – so let this simple take on an ottoman help set your place apart. The seat comprises of only a couple of common hardware materials, and used tyres are often given away for free at any local tyre fitting shop.


5. Fairy Lights

The last thing you need is DIY dorm ideas that are complicated or over the top… Enchanting the dorm room with a few simple fairy lights can make all the difference. Use them to highlight certain parts of the room, or just hang them for a dazzling nighttime experience. Evoke your inner child and your imagination run wild!

6. Dorm Bed Drapes

Does your dorm room need a bit more of an ‘intimate’ touch? Making some stylish drapes to the bunk bed can be a great way to get that extra cosiness out while adding some extra pizzazz to the room.


7. Accessory Rack

For an artsy solution for your bits and pieces why not make yourself an accessory rack? Some bamboo cane or dry twine can help give a more organic sense to your room while giving personal items like photos a stronger sentiment. Best of all, it only takes minutes to assemble. DIY dorm ideas made easy!

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8. Scrabble Coaster

Whether you’re working on an assignment or hanging out with college friends, you can be assured a drink won’t be far from your clutches. A scrabble drink coaster will bring some much-needed fun quirk to your space.


9. Guitar Shelf

Many of these DIY dorm ideas provide as a solution for common problems for a student resident, and the guitar shelf is no exception! Using a converted guitar can be a fun a way of creating some art while making up for any lack of shelving in the room.

10. Crafty Mouse Pad

In a 3×4 room every detail matters, and a cute and colorful mouse pad could be a great finishing touch in drawing out those positive college vibes. Make two or three sets to match your day or mood, or use them as gifts for fellow house mates and friends.


What did you make of these DIY dorm ideas? Got any ideas of your own that could match this list? Comment and share for other crafty students!

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