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DIY Dorm Decor Hacks You Should Try

DIY Dorm Decor Hacks You Should Try

Is your dorm feeling very bland? Check out these hot dorm decor tips to transform your space on a very student-friendly budget!

Is your dorm room feeling very far from home? A lot of the time dorm rooms can be very impersonal and you can’t imagine it ever feeling comfortable. Giving it a makeover on a student budget can be tough, you can’t afford to spend a ton of money on fancy bed sheets and extravagant plants to cosy-up the place. Luckily, these DIY dorm decor ideas will give your room that magic lift it needs.

1. Get some pictures up

The best way to add some personality to your room is to get some pictures of family and friends up around you. You can purchase cheap frames second-hand or from places like IKEA. You can also get more creative and peg them onto lengths of string and hang them across your walls: this looks incredibly cute and can help mask walls that aren’t really to your taste.


2. Hang a sarong

Speaking of disguising walls, hanging a beautiful sarong behind your bed is a beautiful way to cosy-up a room and make it a bit more personal. These can be found for very cheap online. Alternatively, you can tie-dye your own from a white sheet and create your own personalised art to hang on your wall!

3. Pick some flowers

Flowers really make a house a home and are a great dorm decor idea. Buying flowers from a proper florist can be extremely pricey, so check out places like supermarkets and market stalls that regularly have reduced bunches. If you’re lucky enough to live by a lot of greenery, consider picking your own (just make sure they aren’t ones planted by the council). Wildflowers, like bluebells, dandelions and daisies, are absolutely beautiful in a little rustic bunch and cost absolutely nothing! You can even use a jar as a vase and save extra dollars!

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4. Use a cork board

A lot of dorm rooms come with some sort of cork board already installed. If not, up your dorm decor game and grab yourself a cheap one from a stationary supply store. It’s a great place to add memories and little bits and pieces of your university journey. You can also store it in an artistic way. Keep things like tickets from events and photo-booth photos. Scatter them over the board, play around with it and keep it creative!

5. Scents

A room that smells good, feels good and is incredibly inviting. No one wants to sit in a room that stinks. Having a room that smells like your favourite scents will have it feeling much more personal. This dorm decor tip can be extremely inexpensive, or, if you have the budget, you can spend a little more. If you’re on a budget, try loosely wrapping some fresh lavender or your favourite dried scented herbs and hang them around your room. The scent will be mild, but noticeably fresh. If you’ve got more money to play with, candles are a fantastic way to distribute scent and emit a lovely relaxing vibe. Cheap candles can do the job, but I find that their burn time reflects their price, so it might be worth it to invest a bit.

Dorm decor can be very simple and inexpensive. There’s really no need to break the bank when it comes to cosy-ing up your dorm room a little. Creativity is key, and working with the space and decor you’ve got. If you have any other fun dorm decor tips, leave them down in the comments!

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