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12 DIY Desk Accessories That Are Total Desk Goals

12 DIY Desk Accessories That Are Total Desk Goals

Here are some DIY desk accessories to brighten up your work space. These are some great ideas to stay organized and cute all at once!

DIY desk accessories make the office or school a little more fun. Whether you command a table in your home for work or you’re stuck behind a desk all day in an office, there’s no disputing that these hard surfaces and claustrophobic cubicles could use some cheering up! We’ve got twelve projects for DIY desk accessories that are not only adorable and will bring some brightness to your work area — they’ll also function to make your life a little bit better by organizing your desk area, too!

Make your own stylish and magnetic DIY desk accessories that will keep all your metal tiny office objects like paper clips and tacks in place. (Could totally see this in a bathroom for bobby pins and the like, too!). Spotted on House of Earnest. Stick to one or two colour palettes, it keeps your work space looking clean, organised and zen in general.

These DIY desk accessories are super cute!


Are you one of those mega organised people who cannot stand clutter? Do loose papers give you something extra to worry about? Get yourself some DIY desk accessory boxes or file drawers to store your loose sheets in.

Colour Coordinate

Colour coordinate as you organize your desk. Create fun patterns or use colourful tape to create a fun design on the top of your desk or on the side. You may also keep everything monochromatic and have your keyboard or a picture frame be a single bold colour.

Selection Of A Palette

Sort books, notepads, and office supplies according to colour. If you’re lacking a variety of colours, purchase what you need to complete your set. Books are an easy way to fill in your colour gaps. Mix and match black and gold, neutrals, pastels, or bold bright colours. Your decor should reflect your personality and let you enjoy working at your desk. Choose the colours that make you comfortable and effective.The colours you choose for your desk and decor may be part of an entire scheme for your room. Take the time to tie everything together.


Natural Lighting

Place your desk near a window and make sure you have enough natural light in your room. Save on energy consumption by allowing natural light to flood onto your desk. White on white decor can provide a clean and calming effect. Adding twinkly lights is another great idea for DIY desk accessories!

These DIY desk accessories are super cute!

Personalise Your Decor

Find accessories that suit your personality and work needs. Shop online or at speciality office accessory stores. Choose colours and designs that match your overall scheme. Find office supplies in your favourite colour or upgrade to high end accessories. Find desk accessories or decor by your favourite designer. You may be able to find complete sets. For example, you may find a limited edition keyboard, mouse, and charging station by Apple. You can use vintage pens and accessories to make you feel in touch with a different, more inspiring era.


Post It Memory

Colour coordinate parts of your desk or create imaginative murals with post it notes. Create simple stripes or patterns on the top or side of your desk. The best part is that you can change them with your mood.

Significance Of Setting

If you feel stuck in a rut or uninspired, easily change things up by simply moving your entire desk. A change of scenery may help revitalize you. The change in location may inspire you to make more changes like repainting your wall or reorganizing your workspace. Go with your inspiration. You may always be short of space especially if you get a new addition to the family. Rethink about where you can work most effectively. Use a rug to anchor your desk in the center of a room. Moving your desk from the wall allows conversations to flow more easily. It also lets you move around.

Client Focused

If you will be having clients at your desk from time to time, you may want to invest in a new desk. You want to be professional but also let them see a bit of your personality. While your desk may be a professional setting, add accessories or position your desk to allow your life to inspire and relax your overtaxed brain. For example, face your desk towards the window to see your garden or keep a framed picture of your daughter as the centerpiece of your desk.


People Matter

You may only have room for a small desk if you’re a college student. If you are just about to enter into the workforce, you may need a larger desk with personal yet professional touches. You may need a very large and specific desk if you are in a career that heavily relies on desk work but want to work from home to tend to your family.

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Make It Easier For Yourself

Move your filing system off your desk and onto the floor. You may also place it behind your computer monitor. Separate files that you don’t need everyday so you can create needed space atop your desk. Organize vertically and use the side of your desk to keep your desk clear. Use tape, clips, or vertical filing systems to keep things nice and neat. Avoid marking up your desk with special adhesive you can purchase at your office supply store. Layer your decor to conserve space. Stack books on top of files or create other stacks organized by shape and size. Colour coordinate levels or organise by size to keep a neat and visually pleasing aesthetic. Layers are especially helpful.


Leather Bound Reminders

Use a planner to keep all your appointments organized and easily accessible. You can find leather bound planners that look great displayed atop your desk. Stylish day planners can be purchased online or at your local office supply store.

Creative Organisation

Neatly roll and tuck away any cables for your electronics or chargers. You may also purchase fun and creative cable organizers and chargers that you can display atop your desk. You may also simply use twist ties or simple clips to neatly keep the cables, cords, and wires organized and in one place. Show off your personality! This is a great option when looking for DIY desk accessories that will help you stay organized!

These DIY desk accessories are super cute!


Scented Spaces

Choose a scented candle to keep your desk smelling fresh. You may also use a lamp can create just the right amount of warmth to your desk as offices often use only fluorescent light. If you don’t get a lot of sunlight into your office, get a full-spectrum light bulb for your light as it simulates natural light. These can be purchased online or your local hardware store. You may also string up some Christmas lights or fairy lights off the front of your desk or find fun and quirky lamps online or at thrift stores.

These DIY desk accessories are super cute!

These DIY desk accessories are so cute for not only staying organized but bringing a little fun to your workspace! Which ideas did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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