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20 DIY Birthday Gifts To Make For Your Best Friend

Birthdays are always a time to celebrate, particularly if its your best friend’s. Want to show them how much you care about them, or just stuck for ideas for a present? Here are twenty DIY birthday gifts to make for your best friend this year.

1. Birthday cake

You can’t have a birthday without a cake, so why not make one. There are so many recipes you can try, its a classic and one of the best DIY birthday gifts to make.

2. Cake mix in a jar

Or, if you don’t have the time to make it, why not add all the dry ingredients into a jar for them to bake on a rainy day?

3. Treats in a box

Add their favourite treats and put them in a box. Wrap it in some great wrapping paper to make it extra pretty.

4. Photos on a cube

A great and easy memento for you and friend, full of your favourite memories.

5. Birthday cake box

If you’re crafty with paper, why not make this sweet little box for them?

6. 52 reasons book

Use a pack of cards to show you BFF all the reasons you love them.

7. DIY Miniature Piñata

This cute little gift is the perfect DIY birthday gift if you want to give your friend something small but sweet this year.

8. DIY perfume

Grab some essential oils and make a special fragrance for your best friend.

9. Tea Bags

If your friend loves tea, why not make your own tea bags, filled with their favourite flavours.


There are so many printable bookmarks out there on Pinterest. Why not print off several and make them up for your favourite bookworm?

11. Friendship bracelets

Nothing signifies a friendship than a friendship bracelet. Its the perfect way to use up any wool or thick threads you have lying around. Why not add some beads to it too?

12. Soap

Soap is such an easy thing to buy but its much more meaningful when you make it yourself. Use their favourite scents to make it even more meaningful.

13. Hot chocolate spoons

For all chocolate lovers, this is always an easy and quick present to make. Use their favourite flavoured chocolates or add some sprinkles to make the hot chocolate extra sweet.

14. Chill Pills

For help when they need it most. Fill a jar with smarties or M&Ms, add the label and voilà!

15. Birthday Gift Basket

Depending on their age, add that amount of gifts. Perfect if they’re celebrating hitting a significant age.

16. Banner in a box

If you don’t want to wish them happy birthday with a card, why not try this creative present, especially if you love doing arts and crafts.

17. Room sprays

Fill their home with their favourite fragrances by making a room spray. You can use herbs, flowers or essential oils, and custom make a room spray to make their room smell amazing.

18. Sugar Scrub

This gift is perfect for anyone you know enjoys pampering themselves. This is a great recipe to make and is a great way to make them feel amazing.

19. Dreamcatcher

A great way to ensure that your friend has a great night sleep. Plus its a great decoration to have around at home, what’s not to love about this gift.

20. Mason Jar Bank

Know someone who has always wanted to travel? Then why not make them this stunning gift so that they can be inspired to save for a great trip abroad.

No matter what your friend loves, why not try some of these DIY birthday gifts? Have any ideas for DIY birthday gifts that are not on the list, comment below.
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