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8 Different Ways To Wear Dungarees

8 Different Ways To Wear Dungarees

Dungarees can be comfortable and stylish. That said, here are some of the absolute best ways you can wear them right now!

Dungarees are one of the most popular trends at the moment and have had some serious staying power from when they first became popular in the 70s. Whether you like them short, long, or as a dress, there’s no denying the versatility of dungarees means they will probably be around for a good while longer, so you might as well stock up now and take some tips on how to style them!

Show Some Leg in Short Dungarees

Make like the coolest kid on the block and let your legs be free in a pair of short dungarees. I personally think this look works best in the summer with a flowy blouse and some Western ankle boots, but they also look cute with trainers for a more casual look!

Channel Your Inner 70s Diva in Longer One

Channel your inner Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia and put on some long dungarees – the baggier, the better, although skinnier ones can look cool with heeled boots. My personal favourite are these cord ones from Monki for £40 that combine fashion and practicality – plus, they will be incredibly comfortable – win-win!


Sling on A Dungaree Dress

Keep it feminine by wearing a dungaree dress like this one from Topshop for £36. You can wear it with bare legs and a long-sleeved t-shirt during the transitional season, but it will look just as good with tights and combat boots during winter! You can also dress (excuse the pun) up a dungaree dress much more easily – it can become a day-to-night outfit as easily as switching your shoes.

Slip Over a Jumper + With Ankle Boots

This is one of my favourite Autumn looks because I think it feels so cosy and warm whilst not descending into ‘I just woke up and threw this on’ territory. The ankle boots will have to be low for this one to work so you don’t cut off more leg than you need to, but other than that you’re good to go! The model in this photo is wearing a fluffy coat but the look still works!


Make It Casual in a T-Shirt + Trainers

This is one of the most popular ways to wear dungarees because you can rarely go wrong with it! Throw on a striped t-shirt with contrasting sleeves or a baggy white one with blindingly bright chunky trainers and your look is complete!

Mix in a Pattern or Two

Patterned dungarees are always an interesting focal point, although they are obviously more difficult to style as they clash with more. However, don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone! If you go for a slightly more neutral pattern like these camo dungarees from Topshop for £49, you will have more styling options in the future for them!

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Go Full Flower Power

Embrace the 70s vibes and pair your dungarees with an obnoxiously flowery top or jacket – or even flowered boots! Darker floral prints are everywhere at the moment, so you’ll be bang on trend in your take on not-quite-summer-anymore dressing.

Dress It Up!

Finally, don’t be afraid to go for something a little out of the box. Throw on some heels and start dancing! Just because it isn’t the daytime, it doesn’t mean you have to confine your dungarees to the wardrobe. Some of the most original dungaree looks have come from when people put their own spin on them, whether it be with loafers, sky high heels, or plain ballet flats. Doing what you want to do will make every look stand out because of your confidence!

Now get out there and wow everyone with your dungaree style! Whata re your favorite ways to wear dungarees? Tell us in the comments!
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