10 Different Ways To Do Heatless Curls

We all love bouncy, gorgeous curls. However, we don't like heat damage. Put down your curler and try out these 10 different ways to do heatless curls.

I know most women want sexy, bouncy and effortless curls. But we all know that curling our hair isn’t that effortless at all. Especially if you have long hair, it can take hours! The heat isn’t good for our locks either. Say it with me, damage! Whether you just want to save yourself some time and energy or you’re trying to grow healthy hair and avoid the heat, try out these 10 different ways to do heatless curls and beachy waves. I know some of these techniques look bizarre, but the results are flawless!

1. Braid Curls

Braids are awesome if you have long or short hair and are super easy to do. Just dampen the hair, braid it, let your hair air dry completely and voila! You really will have fast and effortless beachy waves. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube you can watch if you’re still learning how to braid!


2. Twist Technique Curls

This is possibly one of my favourite ways to do heatless curls or waves, especially since I have short-medium length hair! Watch this helpful tutorial on YouTube to learn how to perfect what I call the “twist technique”.

3. T-shirt ‘Halo’ Curls

After I watched this YouTube tutorial, I really regretted cutting my long hair off. It’ll teach you how to create soft heatless curls using a simple plain old tee. Crazy right! This method is so creative and will give you the most gorgeous bombshell curls. Props to Kayley!

4. Headband Curls

Headband curls are very similar to the ‘halo’ curl method! However, instead of using a t-shirt, you use a headband. This method would be better for people with short-medium length hair and will give you a tighter curl. This tutorial is helpful when learning the heatless headband curl method.


5. Flexi Rod Curls

Flexi Rods are a simple and easy tool to use for the perfect heatless curls. What’s great about Flexi Rods is you can get them in different sizes depending on the type of curl you want/the thickness of your hair. This is another tutorial by Kayley Melissa and she shows you how to use Flexi Rods for gorgeous heatless curls that’ll last all day long.

6. Straw Curls

This method is for the girls who like a reeeeeal tight curl. Who knew you could get these stunning curls with straws? Watch this tutorial to find out how to get this look! It’s a little more time consuming than our other methods, but definitely worth it.


7. Pin Curls

This method is also a little time consuming but totes worth it if you love that vintage curl look! Watch this YouTube tutorial and learn how to do pin curls. After you take the pins out of your hair, you can either leave the curls as they are, or brush them out for more glamorous Hollywood waves. Whatever you choose to do will look stunning and elegant no matter what.

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8. Hair Roller Curls

Hair rollers are the bomb when it comes to getting heatless Victoria’s Secret bombshell curls. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Watch this YouTube tutorial to see how to use hair rollers to achieve sexy heatless curls.


9. Donut/Sock Bun Curls

Another easy method to get flawless looking heatless curls is by using a donut bun! If you don’t have a donut bun however, you can make your own using a sock. Watch this tutorial to find out how to make a sock bun and get bouncy heatless curls.

10. Bantu Knot Curls

Don’t ask me to pronounce this method, but if you want big natural looking curls, this one may be for you! Watch this tutorial to see how to do bantu knots for amazing heatless curls.


Let us know which heatless curl methods you’re going to try next in the comments section below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/45880489940651249/