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7 Different Ways To DIY Your Clothes

7 Different Ways To DIY Your Clothes

7 Different Ways To DIY Your Clothes

If you’re like me and have way too much excess of clothes but are always allured by the ever changing trends in fashion, the only solution to your wardrobe is to DIY your clothes. Not only are you saving money and space on buying new clothes, by having to DIY your clothes, you’re giving your wardrobe a personal touch unlike any other. We’ve all had a laugh at the crazy DIY ideas out there that you know you would never wear, so here are our top DIY ideas that actually keep up with the current trends.

1. Jagged Hem Jeans

The jagged hem jeans trend has been on the rise lately and what’s the point in having to buy an entire new pair of jeans to pull off this look. Nobody likes trying on multiple pairs of jeans and having to jump up and down in the packed changing rooms. Grab an old pair of jeans that you have long outworn and snip off the ends! For all my short gals out there, this is your time to shine, no more having to take your pants to get tailored when you can now DIY your pair. Cut in a asymmetric way, shorter at the front and longer at the pant to keep your pair particularly on trend this season!

2. Paint Your Clothes

If paint sounds like a useless way to DIY your clothes with the way it washes away, you haven’t heard of proper paint fabric mediums. Grab any fabric medium on the market and mix it with any acrylic paint you’ve got lying around and you have a world of potential ahead of you. Whether you decide to go full Van Gogh on your clothes or just speckle it in patterns, paint is a great DIY project to really personalise your clothes.


3. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans has long been a DIY project I can’t believe people pay for! Are we really out here spending money onĀ damaged clothes? Ripped jeans are so easy to do yourself. Cut across any part of your pair of jeans and drag the scissor blade across the edges to make them frayed. If full holes aren’t your think, you can pick at the fabric with a pair of tweezers for that faded look. Regardless, ripped jeans are easy way to DIY your clothes and avoid picking up yet another pair of jeans.

4. Cropped Tops

Cropped tops have long been a trend that doesn’t seem like it’s ever going anywhere. Whether you have an old baggy hoodie, jumper, or tee, cropping them brings them an entirely new purpose! There are plenty of ways to crop your tops into a new outfit. You can choose to cut it simply like earlier with a frayed, jagged edge or add some lace at the bottom. Either style, one of the favourite looks this season is the subtle peek of a bralette from underneath your crop top. You can easily wear this look in the summer and winter. Cropped tops are a great styling tip for shorter girls as it elevates your entire outfit to make you look taller.

5. Clothing Patches

Clothing patches have long been used by bikers to decorate their leather jackets but how the times have changed and now patches are easily accessible for anyone and anybody. With patches sold at a majority of landmarks these days like Disneyland, they’re a great way to memorialise your trip forever onto your favourite piece of clothing. Show off what your personality is like with a DIY jacket full of all your favourite things!

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6. Embroidering

Although it may sound difficult from the thought of sitting down and threading your needles, embroidering is a DIY project that simply depends on you! If you’re a total newbie at sewing, start easy and embroider just your initials and soon you will be moving on to much bigger things like pictures and patterns! The additional colour of the threads onto your clothes really add an entirely new style to your clothes.

7. Print Text/Photos Onto Your Clothes

However, if the previous DIY still sounds too intimidating to you, another easy DIY idea is to print pictures or words onto your clothes! The potential is boundless! You can choose to print your favourite memories onto a shirt or a favourite quote from your beloved songs or singers. No matter what you choose, the results will be beautiful. You also don’t have to go out and get these shirts professionally done but rather they’re easily done at home! All you need is a printer and some special materials. There are a number of ways but take your pick based on what’s easiest for you.


To DIY your clothes is a great way to keep up with the trends and still save some bucks here and there. Which of the DIY ideas did you see here that you think you’ll be trying out?

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