8 Different Types Of Girls You’ll Meet At Bath Spa University

Here is a list of eight different types of girls you will meet at Bath Spa university, can you spot you and your friends?

You could be bath spa alumni, currently, study there or maybe you’re deciding to go next year. Basically, if you identify as a girl (cis, trans or other) this article is for you.

With the help of some of my friends, I have managed to put together a list of eight different types of girls you’ll meet at Bath Spa University.

1. The final year student:

You can spot this girl because she probably does the following:


Carries her normal university rucksack/bag with her laptop etc. like most students. But what sets her apart is that she now carries an additional tote bag that’s just filled with junk food and tea bags.

She’s managed to nail the Megan Markle bun (at the point in her life where she couldn’t care less about her appearance)

Her best friend has a collection of photos of this girl napping at different locations in university.


2. The girl that you never see without her best friend:

If you see one without the other, people get genuinely concerned but in reality, they are probably just waiting for each other to arrive.

3. The girl that’s breaking boundaries:

Bath Spa is accepting and diverse and there are so many girls at this uni that are constantly breaking boundaries. Maybe she’s considered to be a maverick because she cares about her hair and her degree in Computing.

Or they are breaking boundaries by choosing to wear androgynous clothing and actually inspiring an array of others to do the same.


Or she’s working two different jobs whilst studying full-time just to get herself through her degree. This girl has a crazy schedule and no one knows how she is managing to balance everything so well.

4. The blogger

This girl is basic. She knows it, her friends know it and she pretty much owns it. She has an Instagram page where she shamelessly uses the #basic #basicaf #girlblogger and genuinely spends most of her day thinking about her Instagram theme.

Although this girl started off being really self-conscious about posing next to the watermelon in Sainsbury’s, now she doesn’t really care and will take pictures of her food and then her friend’s food to post online for the culture.

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5. The girl that’s doing a degree in drama

You can usually hear this girl before you can actually see her. Not only is this girl dramatic, but she also has several Shakespearian insults memorised and strategically uses them in emergencies. For example, “Loon-faced baboon” from Macbeth and “Dull tongued and dwarfish” from Antony and Cleopatra.

6. The high maintenance girl

She waltzes into commons, sits down, places her bag on the floor, starts to put on her mascara and in the background you can hear a final year student crying.


7. The girl that works hard and plays hard

She the last to leave the library of the club.

She spends so much time in the library that the caretaker asked her to turn the lights off when she leaves because she was still there at 2am.

But this girl knows how to blow off steam and party and always manages to be the last one standing at in the club.


8. The girl that manages a bath spa meme page

In the 90s people used to say that boys don’t like funny girls. But in our current society, girls make their own memes and don’t really care what boys think. This girl is hilarious in real life and online.

Tbh, Bath Spa is probably one of the warmest, kindest and accepting communities I’ve ever been a part of. Especially because everyone follows one unwritten rule: ‘be who you want to be as long as you’re not a d*ck.

Feature Image Source: https://weheartit.com/entry/328482782?context_query=girls+studying&context_type=search