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10 Different Everyday Makeup Looks To Copy Right Now

10 Different Everyday Makeup Looks To Copy Right Now

We all love everyday makeup looks, but doesn't it feel like everyone goes for the same thing? You'll love these unique glam ideas to wear on the regular - without looking too overdone!

Doing your makeup at the start of every day, still in pyjamas and eating cereal at the same time, can be an annoying task. You’re tired, and don’t have nearly enough time to get your makeup looking on point. Here are some handy everyday makeup looks that shouldn’t take too long, and might even not require a full face of makeup:

1. The Inner Corner Eye Glow

This is the absolute key to looking like you’ve never been more awake in your whole entire life. Packing highlighter or a bright eyeshadow into your inner corner makes your eyes shine and will distract from any forming under-eye bags.

2. The Eyelashes

Mascara is the holy grail of makeup- a look isn’t complete without it, and it can be the one ingredient necessary to make you look alive. Either pack on the mascara, or try out some natural looking falsies, and leave the rest of your face bare (or minimal)


3. Bold Brow And Bold Lip

If you have a little extra time, try perfecting your eyebrows into thick wispy wonders, and pack on the lip liner. Accentuating these parts of your face can frame the rest, but without the hours spent contouring.

4. Matte Skin And Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is in its prime rn, with every brand coming out with an attempt at the no.1 90’s throwback. Combine it with matte skin to really make it pop, and you can look like you’ve been up since 6 am creating the masterpiece that is your face.

5. Dewy All Over

Dewy skin is the best everyday look to take you from Winter to Spring. Minimal eye and lip makeup are needed- let your complexion do the talking. Get it with a brightening primer oil, and tons of creamy, non-shimmery highlighter.


6. Dark Lip

Whoever said dark lips were just for the night? There is no reason why it can’t work during the day. just pair it with minimal eye makeup, like a light copper or brown, and apply with your finger to make it look more natural.

7. Bronze Heavy

Probably the best in the summer, a done-up, sunkissed look can be achieved simply by going *slightly* OTT with bronzer. Apply in the normal contouring areas, and drag it onto the eyes and lightly across the nose for the ultimate “I’ve been on the beach ALL day” look.

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8. Winged Eye

An eyeliner flick doesn’t always have to be the added extra to an eyeshadow look- it can stand by itself. If you’ve mastered creating the winged eye in less than 5-minutes, this could be the look for you.

9. Pink Blush And Lip

Spring is here which means one thing, and one thing only- pink, and so much of it. Load on the blusher, and try a subtle pink eye and lip for a flushed look that lasts all day, and is bound to get you compliments as this is one of the best everyday makeup looks for spring!


10. Coral Lips And Strong Highlight

Again, this is one that works best in the Summer. Blend a light coral/orange toned lip colour on, go wild with highlight, and leave layers of foundation and contour behind, for another take on sunkissed that takes very little time at all.

What do you think of these everyday makeup looks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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