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Differences Between British Dating Vs American Dating

Differences Between British Dating Vs American Dating

Here are the biggest differences between british dating vs american dating! If you have ever wondered what dating in America is like, here it is!

British and American dating could not be more different. We have different rituals of courting and keeping a partner. In this list I’ve compiled 10 huge differences between british dating vs american dating!

1. On Hook-Ups

In England we’re sluts, we like a bit of fun, a hook-up is no big deal and we like to find a partner on a night out.

In America it’s more formal, hook-ups aren’t as common of a practise and relationships stem from sex.


2. On Tinder

Tinder in the UK is only really for hook-ups.

Tinder in USA is more used for dating.

3. On Who to Ask Out

British people will only ask out people they know, friends of friends or course mates make the cut. But asking someone in Starbucks would be a big no-no.


American’s can just ask out anybody they know or don’t know out on a date. It’s normal to find someone you don’t know and invite them out for dinner.

4. On Paying

In England, we go Dutch, splitting the bill is not just accepted but more expected.

In America, on the first date especially, men always pay. This is one of the most notable differences between british dating vs american dating!


5. On Double Dates

Double dates are the worst experience in the world in England, our awkward ways and stiff upper lip don’t allow for this practise.

In America it’s a great day out for you, your crush and two uncomfortable friends; it’s just another way to meet new people.

6. On Cars

In America is you haven’t got a car, you aren’t worth dating.


In England, a car is a luxury and a boy paying for a cab is a big deal.

7. On ‘Hanging-Out’

In England if you’re ‘hanging out’ with a guy it’s a one-night thing. It’s just a bit of fun and could include Netflix.

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In America, ‘hanging out’ is a date, there will be more ‘hanging out’ and it could lead to ‘going steady’.

8. On Dating

Dating in England is being in a relationship, you could be dating your partner for years.

Dating in America is the step before, when you’re seeing them regularly and maybe sex is on the cards, but you don’t want them to meet your mum yet.


9. On Studying

In England, if I asked a boy to study with me, he’d ask if I was okay and probably just say no.

In America, study dates exist as a relationship mile stone.

10. On Bringing a Date

In England, if you don’t bring a date it doesn’t matter! It just gives you a chance to scope the availability of the other guests.


In America if there is a formal event, you have to bring a date. If you don’t, it’s a big deal.

Are you surprised by some of the differences between british dating vs american dating? Let us know in the comments below!

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